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Ex-UK Mobster Turned Bestselling Author Takes Canadian Media by Storm with New Book

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One of Britain’s most infamous ex and reformed mobsters has taken Canada’s media by storm with his amazing story of transformation and redemption and the release of his new book In Justice, Love & Honour.

Embraced by North America’s main broadcast majors was just a start for Stephen Gillen, once dubbed one of the UK’s most dangerous prisoners and one of the inspirations for Irish-born Actor Colm Meaney’s  “Finn” in the new hit Sky Series “Gangs of London”.

Hitting all the morning shows like CTV and Global Morning coast to coast across the country from Toronto, Gillen also did great community work and was interviewed by Canada’s most famous attorney and other important dignitaries.

The Stephen Gillen story, a true and amazing story of transformation and redemption soon to be made into a major film has been a true rags-to-riches account of overcoming the impossible. Taken to Belfast at the age of 6 months old from England to survive the troubles until aged 9, then after arriving back in the UK and navigating a traumatised life in gang culture that saw him rise to be an east end gang-boss and receive 17 years being labelled one the UK’s most dangerous prisoners, the book should have been closed for such a lifestyle.

But Stephen Gillen’s migration to International media, International Peace Price Prize nomination, author, broadcaster, successful CEO, and humanitarian is certainly unique and standalone.

He has a UK tour booked for March 2023 but will be going back to Canada in early February then onto New York as part of the second part of a wider American tour. 

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