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Ex-Mobster Turned TV Personality and International Peace Prize Nominee Reveals All

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Stephen Gillen, once a notorious figure among the UK’s most wanted gang members, has shared the gripping, transformative details of his life in an enthralling tell-all interview on an exciting new major media news show called Difficult Conversations.

At 52, Gillen, a reformed London mobster, has steered his life onto a radically different course, now serving as a CEO, prominent TV personality, and an internationally recognised nominee for the “Ambassador for Peace” title. His interview on a major new channel some weeks ago unveiled the remarkable narrative of his journey, filled with resilience, retribution, horror, and ultimately, hope.

Fresh from signing a monumental two-part book deal, Extraordinary: Stephen Gillen – The Search for a Life Worth Living, slated for an early release next year, Gillen is set to launch his explosive life story. This gripping tale, soon to be adapted into a major film, will vividly depict his phenomenal journey of transformation and redemption.

In his forthcoming tell-all book, Gillen delves into the demons haunting him from a traumatic childhood, where, at the tender age of 9, he witnessed the horrific murder of a man amidst the turmoil of early ’70s Belfast. His path eventually led to the streets of London, where he was groomed for a life entrenched in serious, organised crime, culminating in a daunting 17-year prison sentence.

Reflecting on the emotional depth of his past, Gillen shared, “It has been a traumatic journey to revisit the darkest corners of my history. However, the mission and message of my survival amidst constant danger and my journey towards redemption and hope must be shared. Personal darkness can birth the most profound brightness, and life, in the end, shapes us not by our desires but by our transformations.”

Gillen’s presence, even during the Old Bailey trial, inspired the character of London Mob Boss, Finn Walsh, in the acclaimed Sky series Gangs of London. He has starred in The Essex Murders and just filmed a further series with Ross Kemp. Today, he stands as a testament to transformation, serving as a successful CEO and a documentary presenter for Sky, alongside his nomination for an International Peace Prize.

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