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EveSleep Introduces an Interactive Mattress Testing Event: “Bed Battle: Team Firm vs Team Soft”

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Mattress preferences are personal and to help consumers discover their ideal comfort level, Eve Sleep is hosting the “Bed Battle: Team Firm vs Team Soft”. This event offers an engaging and educational experience for those curious about their sleeping preferences. It is scheduled to run from 2pm–6pm on 2nd May, and 11am–6pm from 3rd–5th May 2024 at Gallery@Oxo.

The four-day pop-up event celebrates the launch of the new Wunderflip mattress by Eve Sleep, a unique dual-sided mattress that features two distinct comfort levels. The interactive exhibition is designed around sleep data and allows participants to explore their preferences through various fun and dynamic activities.

Event highlights

  • Princess and the Eve. Drawing inspiration from the classic tale of “Princess and the Pea”, this activity challenges participants to detect a pea hidden under a stack of mattresses. Successful guessers will be entered into a daily draw to win their own wunderflip mattress.
  • Snoozebooth. Participants can capture their favourite sleeping positions in a photo at the Snoozebooth. An aerial camera will take a snapshot of visitors as they pose on the mattress, showcasing their unique sleeping styles.
  • Press snooze. This playful test of reaction times lets visitors compete to see who can hit the snooze button fastest, reflecting their morning alertness or their prowess as a snooze button smacker.
  • Falling into bed. EveSleep introduces a quirky twist with inversion goggles that simulate the experience of falling into bed from a different perspective. Participants must choose their preferred mattress while experiencing this disorienting challenge.
  • Sleeping tablets. For those who enjoy winding down with technology, the Bed Arcade offers games on a firm mattress, while the Bed Cinema provides a soft mattress for movie watching.
  • Nap chat. Visitors can leave their impressions of the event on a digital wall, sharing photos, comments, and thoughts, contributing to a community discussion about the experience.

Event details

The experience is complimentary and open to all ages, starting from 6 years upward. It will take place from 2pm on Thursday 2nd May, with extended hours from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on subsequent days until 5th May 2024 at the Gallery@Oxo, Southbank.

Eve Sleep’s innovative Wunderflip mattress, launched on 27th March, is available for purchase via their website, offering sleepers the flexibility to switch between firm and soft settings simply by flipping the mattress.

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