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Everything You Need to Know About the P-Shot

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A P-shot entails taking PRP or platelet-rich plasma from a male’s blood and injecting it into his penis. This would mean that the doctor takes cells and tissues from his own body and injects them into his penile tissues to help tissue growth and give supposed better erections.

One of the most popular forms of P-shot is the Priapus Shot. Its name has been taken from the sexual health Greek deity and has been used and known as that ever since.

There is however limited research done for the specific claims that a P-shot is known for. So before taking the treatment from a P-shot San Diego clinic, it can be helpful to know more about it.

What is PRP used in P-shot San Diego treatments?

A P-shot San Diego clinic’s PRP therapy involves the injection of platelet concentrates from the male’s blood into his body. As per human physiology, blood platelets are involved in normal wound healing and blood clotting mechanisms.

What is a P-shot San Diego treatment for?

The P-shot San Diego procedures are based on PRP therapy with the premise that it helps muscle recovery and join injuries to heal. PRP therapy is also explored for the treatment of chronic health conditions.

Overall, P-shot San Diego and PRP therapies are still considered experimental treatments.

The P-shot San Diego has been utilized as an alternative treatment for cases such as:

  • ED or erectile dysfunction
  • Lichen sclerosis
  • Penis enhancement
  • Peyronie’s disease or the condition where scar tissues make the penis curve when it is erect
  • General sexual functioning
  • Enhancement of sexual performance and orgasm

How does a P-shot San Diego work?

All that is going on with P-shot San Diego is rather circumstantial. It cannot be proven if it works to enhance sexual functioning or whether it can be a repeatable process, what outcomes are there, or to what degree it can be considered safe.

It has been established for years that orgasms happen and don’t happen due to several reasons including physical, emotional, and mental factors.

According to some doctors that are experts in this field and have been exposed to this line of practice, the P-shot San Diego treatment benefits to sexual performance can be owed to the following:

  • Increase in blood flow
  • Repaired responses in some cells or tissue
  • Establishment of new neural pathways (due to new experiences and positive reinforcements)
  • As a placebo effect

What to know about PRP for sexual function from P-shot San Diego clinics?

Reviews of current research on PRP from P-shot San Diego clinics for male sexual dysfunction showed no research that pinpoints the benefits and safety risks of the procedure.

Other studies showed that there’s extremely limited evidence with regards to PRP having a positive effect on erectile dysfunction. Other studies also show that PRP research done on males for the sexual function is not well-designed and have too few subjects.

An earlier study in 2017 was made with 1,220 males where PRP was combined with a vacuum pump used to enlarge the penis. The effects were temporary although the participants have experienced a significant increase in penile length and girth. This increase in penile length and girth alone can be achieved using a penis pump alone; the use of a pump can induce blood into the penis for quite some time. A downside of vacuum pumps, as opposed to P-shot San Diego injections, is that they can damage the penile tissue when used too often and for too long. Its use can also lead to fewer firm erections.

By and large, there remains a need for more research on PRP therapies used for male sexual health. P-shot San Diego clinics offer other services other than PRP therapies.

How much does P-shot San Diego treatments cost?

Remember that P-shots are elective and are offered only by a few trained doctors. This procedure is also not covered by most health maintenance insurance plans. To undergo P-shot San Diego treatments may require men to pay a hefty sum out of their pocket.

P-shot procedure costs may range up to $1,900 depending on the P-shot San Diego clinic. Some statistical reports show that an average of $680 goes to the fee of the P-shot San Diego doctor. This rate does not stipulate if it includes other procedure expenses such as preparation materials, instruments, and facility fees.

How to find a P-shot San Diego provider?

Do not begin with a P-shot San Diego doctor

Patients with sexual health problems looking into P-shots should firstly go to their primary care physicians. For male patients, they can go to their urologists, and for female patients, their gynecologists. These medical practitioners may be experienced in fielding questions about the treatment or may refer a P-shot San Diego specialist who performs the procedure (if they do not do it themselves).

To say the least, these doctors can likely refer or get the patients in contact with reputable P-shot San Diego facilities in the area or point their patients in the right direction.

Ask questions and concerns about P-shot San Diego

Consider the following concerns while searching for a clinic to do P-shot in San Diego:

  • Existence of a license or certificate to practice medicine by recognized medical boards
  • Presence of established clientele
  • Positive reviews and results from these established clients
  • A website that offers substantial information about the P-shot San Diego costs, treatment procedure details, proofs such as before and after pictures (as applicable), and other pertinent information
  • If they are easy to get in touch with and by which means i.e., phone, e-mail, or through their clinic administrator
  • Willingness to do an initial consultation to answer beginning questions
  • Steps or options entailed in their P-shot San Diego treatment

Consider P-shot San Diego options

There are P-shot San Diego clinics that have claims of allowing the body to reclaim its biological responses to inducements. Other facilities specialize in hormone treatments and offer P-shot at the same time. These P-shot San Diego clinics advertise the following benefits:

  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Improvement of blood flow
  • Improvement of nerve sensation
  • More intense and stronger orgasms
  • Higher endurance or stamina during sex
  • A more sensitive penis
  • More libido
  • Testosterone therapy compatible
  • Improves sexual function post-prostate surgery
  • Makes the penis wider and longer

Patients should remember that these P-shot clinics make money from their services, thus the info from them may be biased. Another thing is that there is but little evidence for these claims.

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