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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Moon Rocks

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Moon rocks are cannabis products known for their high THC content that reportedly make smokers feel like they are “on the moon”.

If you are a frequent smoker whose THC tolerance has been built too high to receive the same benefits it used to, moon rocks might be exactly what you need.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about moon rocks.

What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks, also known as “cannabis caviar”, are a potent cannabis product that consists of a bud dipped in concentrate and rolled in kief.

The concentrate is highly condensed cannabis trichomes that look similar to honey. On the other hand, kief is the term for dry trichomes that have accumulated after being sifted off the cannabis plant. 

Trichomes are tiny hair-like resin glands that grow on the marijuana plant. These tiny hairs produce most of the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

As you can imagine, this chocolate truffle-like mass is incredibly potent since it is a THC bud covered in two additional layers of much more potent THC.

Where can you buy moon rocks?

Moon rocks can be purchased at a marijuana dispensary, online if you live in a recreational state, or you can make your own moon rock at home.

Although you have three methods of getting your hands on a moon rock, going to the dispensary is generally the best option.

Purchasing cannabis online isn’t always the best idea because there are many marijuana scams online, the products might not be safe, and shipping is a pain. 

Making your own moon rock is safer than having it shipped to your house, but you would need to purchase the bud, the concentrate, and the kief unless you collect your own. The entire process can get pricey, and building the rock can be messy.

How do you use moon rocks?

Smoking moon rocks is a bit different than smoking regular buds because you must use specific tools to avoid a mess and have the best experience.

With typical buds, you might break them up with a grinder, but you can’t do that with moon rocks; otherwise, you will clog the device. It would be best if you also didn’t break the rock with your fingers because they are very messy.

Instead, cut your moon rocks with scissors.

After cutting your rock, place a piece into a glass bowl or bong. You can place the nug on top of your regular herb or smoke it by itself.

When lighting the moon rock, use a lighter and gradually introduce the flame to the nug as you inhale. Heating the rock too quickly may cause it to catch fire.

Take small, slow hits while smoking and wait fifteen minutes between each hit to ensure you don’t get too high. One hit should be enough for even the most seasoned smoker.

Smoking moon rocks might be tricky at first, but you should get the process down after a few smoke sessions.

What are the pros and cons of smoking moon rocks?

Whenever it comes to marijuana products, the pros always outweigh the cons. However, the cons might be more than an amateur smoker can handle when it comes to potent moon rocks.

Pros of smoking moon rocks

  • The high you get from moon rocks is beyond anything you have achieved from marijuana before.
  • Although more expensive than a regular nug of weed, moon rocks are a great deal when you consider what you are getting for your money. 
  • Moon rocks are incredibly beneficial for medical marijuana patients since the relaxing and pain-relieving effects are stronger than traditional buds.

Cons of smoking moon rocks

  • If you don’t have a high THC tolerance, there is a good chance that you will get too high, which can be uncomfortable.
  • Moon rocks can be temperamental when it comes to the atmosphere they are in. To keep them in good condition, you must store them in a cool and try environment otherwise, they will get too sticky.
  • Moon rocks can be messy and challenging to use since you have to break them apart carefully and can only smoke them from a glass bowl.

Overall, the pros and cons of moon rocks are quite similar to regular marijuana products. The key differences are that they are messier, get you much higher, and offer maximum benefits to medical patients.

If you are a medical marijuana patient interested in using moon rocks for treatment, visit Veriheal to apply for your MMJ and learn more about if this product is suitable for your needs.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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