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Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask Before Getting a Lotus Flower Tattoo

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Have you been considering a lotus flower tattoo but are not sure if it is going to suit you? No worries. We got your back. In our insightful guide, we have shed light on all of the questions that might stop you from getting this amazing inked image, including its meaning and the best design ideas. Wait no longer to wipe out all your doubts.

What does the lotus flower tattoo mean in different cultures? 

Before choosing a lotus flower tattoo, the most beautiful designs of which you can find on our website Glaminati, it is imperative to know its meaning in various cultures. In Buddhism, it means the purity of your consciousness, soul, and body. Hindus associate the lotus flower with purity too but it also denotes beauty in their religion. In China, it is associated with relationship harmony and the pure beauty of women. Egyptians used to associate the flower of lotus with the sun deity, Ra, as they considered it to be responsible for the creation and being. The Western world believes that it represents a new beginning and is connected to the pursuit of life’s true meaning.

Colour implications of the lotus flower tattoo

When choosing your lotus flower tattoo, the design is not the only thing you should consider. Its color is also very important, as it affects what message the inked image is going to deliver. Red is a symbol of passion, love, sympathy, and any other heart-related emotion. The pink flower of lotus represents Buddha as well as Buddhism history and tales. Being considered the most spiritual lotus color, it means that the person inked with it is devoted to the spirit of the universe and the divine. Blue is seen as a symbol of wisdom, learning, knowledge, and intelligence. The white flower carries enlightenment, peace, and purity. Finally, the purple lotus flower tattoo hints at the kindness of soul and royalty.

Where should I get it inked? 

There are several factors that you should take into account when choosing the place for your future tattoo. First, you should decide on its size. Smaller size lotus tattoos can be inked anywhere, but they look most beautiful when gracing your wrist or foot. If you are afraid to commit to rather noticeable motifs, you can even start with tiny lotus images on your ear cartilage or inner finger area. Middle-size tats are better to get on your ankle, shoulder, and belly. And for big artworks, you should allocate space on your back, hip, or under the breasts. 

What else you should consider is how much you want it to be on display. For instance, under breast or hip tattoos are hidden under clothes most of the time, whereas finger or wrist tats are almost always in plain sight. Last but not least, it is important to factor in how well you tolerate pain. If you have high pain tolerance, then you are free to choose any place you like. If not, then calves, glutes, and thighs are your way to go.

Best lotus flower tattoo design ideas

Keeping in mind all of the above-mentioned points, it is time to take a look at the most favorable lotus flower tattoos. 

  • Outlined black and grey lotus flower. If this is your first tattoo and you are not sure how comfortable you are going to be with it, it makes sense to get something minimalistic for the starters, such as a simple outlined lotus tattoo. As it only traces the flower silhouette, it comes out looking pretty modest yet charming.
  • Coloured lotus tattoo. Obviously, flower tattoos call for multi-colored inks and lotus is no exception. Although you are welcome to employ as many shades as you like, try not to overdo it so that it will not appear kitschy. Colorful lotus tattoos look best when complemented with a Mandala design.
  • 3D lotus flower imagery. This is one of the most awe-inspiring ways to get an inked image nowadays. While it is clearly not an easy tattoo design in terms of complexity, level of pain, and duration of the session, the final result is definitely worth the effort.


To sum up, although there are many things that affect where and what design to get inked, it is actually you who decides what your lotus flower tattoo is going to look like. Yet, we are pretty sure that keeping in mind our tips will make your tattoo game much easier. Thus, do not hesitate to use them when choosing your future lotus tat.

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