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Everything You Need to Consider When Finding the Right Air Filter Size

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Some regions have high temperatures, and many need help determining what they need to acquire to ensure excellent indoor air quality. But why worry when there are HVAC air filters to maintain the best indoor air quality? You are only required to ensure that you have this device that removes impurities from the air that passes through your HVAC system.

Remember that there are thousands of air filters in the market, and with lots of them, it is evident that every individual requires a specific size.

Various air filters are labelled with dimensions you can locate on the filter’s frame. Note that checking the dimensions is the cheapest way to discover the required air filter size. However, when you come across an air filter with no measurements, you can always measure the air filter yourself. Below is a comprehensive list of aspects you need to consider when selecting the right air filter size. 

Filter type and purpose 

Every individual has a particular purpose that leads to purchasing an air filter, including the removal of dust, allergen reduction, and odour control. Remember that these air filters are of various qualities, too, and securing one that fully suits your needs is essential. Remember that different filter types have varying sizes, so select the appropriate type. 

System compatibility 

It is essential to ensure that you check your HVAC system’s specifications and documentation. This will assist you in determining the recommended filter size for you, which also depends on the purpose. Remember that when you purchase the wrong size, then that could lead to poor performance. The inappropriate purposes of every air filter can also lead to damage to the system since it is used in the wrong way. 

Thickness and custom sizes 

All filters come in various thicknesses, with those thicker filters having more surface area. Thicker filters are also able to trap more particles. They also have the challenge of fitting in only some HVAC systems. This notifies you that you must check the system’s manual for maximum filter thickness.

However, if your HVAC system needs a non-standard filter size, you might be required to order a custom-sized one. Note that those custom filters can be more expensive and might also have more extended delivery periods. 

Airflow restrictions

A filter with too high of a MERV rating or a too dense filter can restrict airflow. This can also lead to causing the HVAC system to work harder and less efficiently. You need to refer to your HVAC system’s specifications for the recommended MERV rating to ensure that it serves you well and for a more extended period.

Some filters must be replaced more often than others to help you as long as possible. Remember that thicker, high-efficiency filters might last longer but could also accumulate dirt more quickly. 


You must be careful when considering these aspects, for you need to have the best air filter. Make sure you can select the perfect air filter size that promotes optimal indoor air quality and assists your HVAC system in running efficiently. Have the best air filter and enjoy good air quality indoors.  

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