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Every Seed Has a Story – Carve Nature, Carve Happiness

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Isn’t it surprising to define the word ‘miracle’ which may not be accountable by science or by nature itself? Some divine force may be the work behind. So, each one of us would have a different definition of what miracle is. Astonishing tightly woven spider webs and the morning-dew coating the grass never ceases to add beauty to what some may say supernatural or phenomenal. Nature nurtures millions of concealed microorganisms and birds gracefully glide and enjoy the breeze, big to small fishes swim in the seas, unknowingly of the world above. Personally, a tiny speck of dot to a giant entity of a size of a coconut is a wonderful miracle to me.

Peculiar of the fact of the art of domestication, people use to worship and treasure the seeds in ancient times saving the favourite wilds and native looking plants year after year for desirable traits. Think of an old family recipe, a beautiful restaurant or a lunch-box packaged meal. It’s a dilemma for most of the people who don’t consider seed as the first link in the food chain sustaining life in various forms of colourful gifts that they truly are.

They truly are one big source of our lives, not just as food we eat but for various ailments we suffer from, the clothes we wear and more. These are dormant but alluring essence of life we all depend on bringing smiles. Our lives on seeds are like flamboyant clowns that are considered as pegs on which the circus is hung.

I was fortunate enough to pursue my interests joining a beautiful institute of agriculture where I was taught to plant many varieties of seeds in big fields, gardens, small trays and watch in amazement as these tiny creatures bloom to swaying and wobbling plants with just right amount of care. Most importantly was the exciting experience of watching these tiny wonders and watching them in big fields in a sketched design. Getting my hands and feet dirty helped me gain my passion towards seeds, biodiversity and labyrinth of the ecosystem.

It is always exciting to choose organics from one’s own garden and anticipating fun gardening among people. Yet comes the agonising dangers of changing climate to these beautiful gifts. A handful of corporate companies taking control of the seed supply, modifying the nature and apathetic about the humans consuming them, earns a very good PROFIT. But, as much as these companies would like me to believe, changing dimensions for the improvement and betterment of the world serves as the best lot of an idea rather than just following the loudmouths thus growing the economy to gargantuan proportions.

I must say, feeling lively with these little creatures blossoms happiness and connects to the prosperity of nature’s greens wherein the earthly divine showers healthy blessings and invites a sustainable future. What a great way to get the kids excited about gardening and see a tiny dot glowing colours from the soil.

Every seed has a story and I find it my responsibility and a duty to tell it and continuing its legacy for those generations yet to come. Carve nature, carve happiness.


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Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at  Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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