Evelyn Antony

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Evelyn Antony is a doctoral researcher at Durham University. Her research background mainly focuses on utilising advanced quantitative methods in large multidisciplinary cohorts to investigate mental health trajectories. In 2021, she attained a first class master of arts (honours) degree in psychology from the University of Edinburgh. She has also completed an MPhil in education (psychology) at the University of Cambridge. Throughout her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, she has acquired valuable and meaningful experiences working with young people that have profound mental health issues and additional needs, as well as working in events management and higher education.

She sits on the editorial board of Psychreg Journal of Psychology.

Evelyn also enjoys writing pieces, where she addresses key issues facing the profession of psychology, and she also reflects upon her academic journey to date.

You can connect with Evelyn on LinkedIn. She is also on Twitter @EvelynAntony22.




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