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Fall in Love with These Ethical and Stunning Witchy Tarot Candles

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Witchy is a stunning and ethical brand offering Tarot candles, wax melts, and accessories for those who want to add a witchy feel to their homes

Witchy started in 2019 simply selling crystals. Being into crystals at the time, founders Iona and Craig became increasingly aware of how horrible the crystal industry actually is for workers. Therefore, Witchy worked directly with mines in South Africa and Asia to source crystals that were mined in an ethical way. 

They moved into the candle market during Christmas 2019, to try something different. Their first trio launched with Tarot Crystal Candles, called The Sun, The Lovers, and The Star. 

The candles quickly took off and became super popular, so since 2020, that has been the brand’s main hustle. 

All candles are topped with ethical crystals. 

Witchy’s mission is to continue making amazing candles, both in quality and appearance. 

They are an incredibly unique brand, as their candles combine tarot and crystals. Often, other candle brands will do one or the other – but Witchy’s candles really fulfil a niche, as often people who are into tarot also love crystals. 

Witchy stands out because they use the original Rider-Waite Tarot deck artwork on their labels (which are stunning). 

The most successful candle so far has been The Sun Tarot Candle, closely followed by The Moon Tarot Candle. But the wax melts are also very popular, too.

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