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4 Essential Factors to Ponder Before Purchasing a Hookah

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Over a millennium ago, hookah pipes were invented during the Ming Dynasty in China. They have been a source of delight and relaxation for almost a thousand years. In the company of acquaintances and other enthusiasts, hookah bars are a popular place to enjoy your preferred hookah and shisha products. But still owning your hookah equipment is the best method for maintaining access to your preferred inhalable delight.

Here’s a list of some important factors to consider while purchasing a new hookah at a shisha shop.

How tall is the hookah?

How you intend to use your hookah will determine its ideal height. You’ll need a taller hookah if you plan to use it primarily outside, such as on a balcony or in an outdoor space where you can place it on the ground and invite people to congregate around it. It should be roughly 36 inches or taller. You need a much smaller hookah if you want to take it on a trip, maybe 18 or 20 inches long. And you might want a medium-height hookah between 28 and 30 inches if you intend to use it in various settings. Get the larger hookah if space is not an issue because they smoke better than smaller ones.

How many hoses does the hookah possess?

Investing in a hookah with many hoses may be a smart move if you plan to smoke it mostly with others. Make sure the hookah has plugs you can insert into the hoses not being used. If not, someone will need to keep a finger on the hoses that aren’t in use, which can get tiresome after a time. If you plan to smoke alone most of the time, a single-hose configuration is a decent option. You may still smoke a single-hose hookah with friends by just switching mouthpieces between users.

Traditional or modern?

Traditional hookahs differ by location, and the place where they are produced may have an impact on how they look, as well as other attributes. Traditional hookahs, no matter where they are built, typically contain a single central tube that extends the whole length of a hookah stem. Modern hookahs typically include a separate tube for each, as opposed to traditional ones that typically merge the hose & purge valve line into a single tube. Compared to traditional models, modern hookahs frequently feature smaller gauges, and some even have built-in check valve systems. Individual preferences may vary, but traditional hookahs’ broader gauges typically make it simpler to draw than those made nowadays.

What material is the hookah made of?

Some connoisseurs advise you that solid brass designs make for the best hookahs to purchase in terms of materials. These pipes are strong, long-lasting, and hefty; they may oxidize but never corrode. The only drawback is that they require routine care and cleaning to stay sparkling. Some enthusiasts claim that, while the stainless steel is of great quality, pairing it with copper or brass is the greatest option. The issue is that some producers might electroplate the nickel’s outside, leaving the interior exposed to oxidation and corrosion. Glass hookahs offer attractive, distinctive appearance options as well as smooth smoke production. Glass options, however, can often be more delicate than metallic ones, so these models would need to be used and cleaned with a bit more caution.

Final thoughts

There are many options to consider, and selecting a hookah at a shisha shop can be time-consuming. Therefore, always keep in mind to think about what tends to work for you as well as what looks terrific.

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