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Esports Health Tips: Stay in Shape While Gaming

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Physical exercise may not be the first thing that springs to mind talking about esports. However, an increasing number of professional esports players are realising the need to be fit. 

There are a variety of injuries that can occur in gamers of all skill levels if they play for an extended period. From simple carpal tunnel pain to mental health problems, it appears that excessive gaming can have negative consequences. Staying fit can improve your overall gaming experience and outcome, even if you are playing in one of the pay in play casinos online.

Here are some critical notes on how to keep healthy while gaming:

Why is professional gamer’s health important?

The average professional gamer practices for at least 50 hours each week. This suggests that their bodies will be subjected to a great deal of repetitive exercise, resulting in stress, pain, or injury. 

The lucrative salary these esports professionals receive every month pressures the esports professionals to play at the highest level for long hours. This adds another layer of mental strain. With such large sums of money up for grabs, it’s evident that any injury might be disastrous. As a result, being healthy is critical to esports success.

Ways to stay fit as a gamer

Popular esports teams have spent a lot of money on player fitness. However, by following these basic recommendations, even casual gamers may stay healthy while gaming.

  • Wrist and hand exercises. Repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, have ended the careers of substantial esports pros. However, if you allow yourself regular pauses, you will have a higher chance of preventing these problems. Stretching your wrist, moving them in circles, and flexing your fingers at least every hour can help. Take advantage of the game’s downtime to give your wrist and hands some relief.
  • Keep proper posture. Most people are guilty of hunching over their computers, and poor posture makes it far more challenging to keep wrists and hands adequately aligned. If you play with a proper posture and your monitor leveled with your eye, you should avoid most difficulties. If you slouch too much, you may cause difficulties with your body muscles and may also cause digestive problems. To your body from undue strain, stand up at least every 15 minutes every hour.
  • Avoid eye strain. It’s easy to become engaged in a game, but your eyes must take a break. Too much screen time causes eye strain, resulting in headaches, dry eyes, or double vision. Check that your display isn’t too bright, and shut your eyes for a few minutes every hour to allow your eye muscles to relax.
  • Proper nutrition. While junk food and gaming usually go well, you’ll notice some improvements in your gaming if you are eating healthier food. Some famous pro esports gamers even have personal chefs to help them with their diet management. It all comes down to eating a well-balanced diet. Three solid meals every day should get you ready for a day of gaming, keep you from nibbling, and increase your focus levels. If you feel the need to snack to maintain your blood sugar levels, always choose healthier options.
  • Stay hydrated. While some esports tournaments are sponsored with popular energy drinks, it is advised not to rely on these beverages to stay hydrated. Additionally, too many sugary drinks and coffee can stress you out, keeping you from having some sleep. With this in mind, it’s essential to drink enough water. Your body’s energy level is reduced by a third when your hydration level decreases by five percent. If you drink six glasses of water per day, you will be well hydrated and notice that your focus and energy levels will improve.
  • Have enough sleep. Most of us have indulged in late-night gaming sessions. However, if you do this, the light produced by your gaming gear will interrupt your body’s circadian cycle, giving you a hard time sleeping. It is suggested that you stay away from your monitor for at least an hour before going to bed. If this seems complicated, try using some apps to change the light output from your display, making it easier to sleep. After all, you can’t perform well if you lack sleep.
  • Stay mentally healthy. Finally, we must emphasise that you must consider your mental health as part of your total fitness. We’ve heard numerous horror stories about pro gamers collapsing under enormous amounts of pressure. Most of us will not feel this stress level, but everyone is vulnerable to forces that accumulate over time. Talk to your friends if you feel stressed and take a break every now and then. You can avoid many of these mental health difficulties by keeping a balanced lifestyle.

Final thoughts

Sitting all day playing video games can be more dangerous to health than performing contact sports as it may cause a lot of health hazards. Ensure that you take a break from gaming to move your body around, eat a healthy diet, sleep well and stay mentally healthy by following the tips mentioned above.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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