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eQuoo: Emotional Fitness Game for iOS Is Ready to Test

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eQuoo, an emotional fitness game is now live in the UK and US. To test this app, open TestFlight on your iOS device using iOS 8.0 or later and install the update.

In order to use eQuoo: Emotional Fitness Game, you agree that crash data as well as statistics about how you use eQuoo: Emotional Fitness Game will be provided to BitBox Games and linked to your email address.

BitBox Games may contact you regarding this information. You should review the Terms and Conditions of the TestFlight programme, as well as the terms, policies, and practices of BitBox Games. Beta apps may crash or result in data loss.

In preparation to this, last 28 April 2018, Dr Berney and Dr Marshall interview Silja Litvin, a clinical psychology doctoral student from Germany. 

eQuoo will teach you the essential psychological skills you need to be able to level up in the game – and in life, too. Once you’ve mastered a skill set, you will embark on a choose-your-own adventure game, where each level is a different genre. Whether its sci-fi, a love story or sword and sorcery, you will be challenged to use your skills to level up.

The skills and storylines are empirically based on current psychological research using psycho-education, gamification and AI to take you on an adventure that supersedes the game. You will find yourself equipped with emotional and psychological skills that will get you ahead in all your relationships – be it work, with your family, or in your own love story.

eQuoo is part of a psychological RCT (random control trial) to verify our claims that eQuoo makes your life better – don’t trust them, trust the science! eQuoo is a product of PsycApps.

Image credit: Silja Litvin

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