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EpiShuttle Has Landed in Spain

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Direx announced today that the first EpiShuttle has arrived in Spain, for evaluation from professional caretakers and medical transport.

Spain is currently experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 patients, and need more than ever to gain control. EpiGuard and Direx just signed an agreement for the distribution of the EpiShuttle, with Direx as the exclusive distributor in Spain.

‘The EpiShuttle is a single patient isolation and transport system, for safe and certified transport of contagious patients through air, land, and sea. Spanish healthcare workers and first responders are making an admirable effort transporting patients and at the same time putting their own health on the line. We hope the EpiShuttle will make their job safer and their patient transport more efficient, when eliminating the need to disinfect entire transport vessels,’ Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO of EpiGuard says.

The EpiShuttle is in use in multifarious environments, including ambulance services, hospitals and emergency services. Direx has done extensive research to find to safest product for contagious patient transport.

‘We found the EpiShuttle to have unparalleled features. It allows for monitoring and full intensive care treatment including emergency procedures like intubation and insertion of central venous catheters. In addition, for COVID-19 patients, the adjustable backrest is extremely important to keep coughing at a minimum. However, it was the fact that the EpiShuttle is re-usable, making it the most cost-efficient product on the market, which made us decide on the EpiShuttle,’ says Eduardo Jorge, General Manager of Direx.

‘We chose to distribute the EpiShuttle in Spain through Direx because of their strong market presence, proven confidence among customers and most of all because of the depth of knowledge and expertise we find at Direx. Their technical expertise and experience impressed us, but their dedication to customer relations was the thing that really made the deal,’ Anderson says.

The EpiShuttle is already in service all over the world, including the Royal Air Force in Scotland, the Royal Norwegian Air Force, the Royal Danish Air Force, Air Alliance and FAI. Since March FAI, one of the world’s leading global provider of aviation services has performed almost 70 flights of COVID-19 patients in 47 countries – including difficult destinations as Iraq, China and South Sudan. Recently, the Greek ambulance service (EKAB) acquired several EpiShuttles. Financing these EpiShuttles was a group of private well-doers, mainly from the tourism industry. One of the main tasks of these EpiShuttles will be to keep the Greek Islands safe for tourists.

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