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Entrepreneurs Reveal Top Benefits of Remote Working

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Remote has surveyed 1,505 entrepreneurs who work remotely across the UK, US, and Canada to determine how founders around key markets are working remotely on their businesses and how they navigate their teams. 

Remote work has become the norm now more than ever. Hiring remotely has additional benefits, including financial benefits for employees and employers, a wider pool of talent to choose from and increased diversity within a company. 

Hiring remote workers has broadened the application pool significantly, with people from all over the country and world being able to work for a company without being in an office.  

56% of remote entrepreneurs in the UK hired international employees

Remote’s survey asked entrepreneurs how many employees are based internationally to determine who fully uses remote working opportunities. 30% of entrepreneurs in London stated that most of their team is based in another country, which translates to 56% of UK remote entrepreneurs having hired international employees.

88% of the UK’s remote entrepreneurs believe having a remote company structure has positively impacted their company’s culture 

88% of UK entrepreneurs believe having a hybrid or remote company structure has positively impacted their company culture, which has meaningful effects on employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity. 

47% said their priorities have changed for the better since moving to a remote model

The pandemic taught many workers to take an alternative approach to work. These new arrangements, particularly flexible work arrangements, have brought into question traditional employee-employer relationships, work time and working hours, and work-life balance. 

46% of entrepreneurs in the UK said their priorities have changed for the better since adopting a remote work model, for example, prioritising a better life-work balance and more time for friends and family.

35% of entrepreneurs said the most enjoyable part of entrepreneurship is being their boss

There are several reasons why people opt to start their businesses, such as for financial gain or increased independence. Remote’s survey revealed over a third (35%) of entrepreneurs said the thing they enjoy the most about starting their own company is being their boss. 

Meanwhile, 29% said increased flexibility is the biggest advantage, and 28% most enjoyed feeling pride in building their own business.

As technology continues to develop, remote entrepreneurs and enterprises appear to be the future of the workplace. There are several valid reasons to desire the freedom of becoming an entrepreneur, from being your boss to controlling your schedule. 

If you wish to alter your lifestyle, consider your abilities and interests to choose whether this could be the right path for you.

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