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Entrepreneur Ranks as the Most Lucrative Dream Job for Jet-Setters

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The most lucrative dream career for people who love to travel is becoming an entrepreneur. The average annual salary is £44,768, with the potential to earn up to six figures if successful. 

Other jobs in the top 10 include game developer (£43,113), environmental consultant (£40,000), meteorologist (£33,589) and technical author (£33,235). These jobs offer exciting and varied work with plenty of opportunities for travel, along with a decent salary to fund your trips.

If you dream of living the travel lifestyle but don’t have a degree or similar qualification, don’t worry. There are still plenty of opportunities that don’t require as much specific training or experience.

One of the top jobs allowing for travel with few qualifications is Doula. Doulas are childbirth experts who support expecting parents through pregnancy, birth and parenthood. 

You don’t need specific qualifications to become a doula, but to become registered, you’ll need to complete training with an approved provider such as Doula UK. Most doulas are employed directly by the parent(s) they work with, which offers plenty of flexibility on location.

Other top dream jobs requiring minimal qualifications are a game tester, perfect if you have a passion for computer games and a virtual tour guide, which involves virtually hosting live tours of a particular city or area. This could be a dream role if you have good communication skills and some knowledge of a specific location.

Finding your dream travel job

Whether you’re about to leave university and considering your options or just looking for a change of pace, there’s a dream travel job for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a wealth of experience behind you or if you’re starting afresh. There are plenty of options suited to various backgrounds with fantastic earning potential. 

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to look further into some of the opportunities. You may have even found your new dream job. 

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