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ENT Specialist or General Physician: Who Should You Consult for Hearing Loss?

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People habitually visit their general physicians for problems ranging from sore throats to ear infections. While they also know about these areas, ENT specialists can be most reliable, regardless of pain or discomfort. Also called otolaryngologists, ENT doctors deeply understand these body parts’ structure, connection, functioning, and more. They can quickly identify or nip the problem before it becomes a substantial health concern. Hence, if you or someone in your family suspects hearing loss, you may want to schedule an appointment with a local ENT expert for treatment. The prevalence of hearing loss in Singapore is high, with more than 60% of the adult population aged 60 years or older already dealing with it.

These are the recorded figures, while actual numbers can be even greater as many people don’t realise they have hearing issues. Awareness about this ear condition is necessary to prevent or slow its progress. You can enhance or sustain your quality of life by consulting a trustworthy ENT doctor. For help, you can go to https://drkhliment.com.sg/ent-specialist-singapore-doctor/. Nevertheless, let’s first get a few insights into hearing loss problems before checking with a specialist.

Hearing loss 

Hearing loss can be a progressive disorder. However, its slow development often prevents people from realising the impact. Studies show that people typically lose their hearing power by about 0.5% annually. Sometimes, hearing problems can worsen early due to listening to loud music, the sound of firearms or heavy equipment, etc. Is there a symptom? Ringing in the ears can be a good indicator. Feeling pain due to loud noises can also hint at the risk of developing hearing loss. Only a specialist can establish the proper cause of hearing loss or its degree by conducting a hearing test to observe your response to sounds. After diagnosis, an appropriate plan of treatment can be created.

Scheduling an appointment with a suitable doctor

It is an old habit to visit a general physician for any health problem you face. Hence, you can instinctively make an appointment with your family doctor to consult your hearing problem. They can do regular checkups and recommend medicines as well. Your physician will ultimately direct you to an ENT specialist when your condition doesn’t improve. You can avoid this delay by directly meeting the ENT doctor. Their training and preparation in hearing issues, including hearing loss, allow them to suggest proper medicines, aids, treatments, and surgical interventions. They can determine whether the reason behind sudden hearing loss is an injury or illness. However, if it has been a gradual onset, they will treat the issue accordingly. 

Suppose there is excess wax buildup in the ear. It is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in kids and adults. They can use ear micro-suction therapy to remove it or any other foreign material that has caused infection and affected your hearing ability. However, they can take a different approach to hearing loss caused by a perforated eardrum, fluid in the middle ear, etc. 

Sudden hearing loss requires immediate medical intervention in about 72 hours for better help. If you visit your primary physician first, you will lose time and risk the worsening of your condition. Visiting ENT specialists is also wise in other situations because they have all the equipment and tools to treat an ENT disorder.

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