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How Does Energy Work Improve Mental Health?

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Most people’s minds are full of decisions, comparisons, regrets, worries and anxieties. With 80% of our daily thoughts being negative and 90% being repetitive there is no surprise that mental health is on the rise. Tragically, it is our youth: teens and people in their early 20s who are now amongst the highest number of anxious and suicidal within our population. This may partly be due to the expansion of social media which is available 24/7 for feedback, judgement and to trigger feelings of inadequacy – if we allow it.  

Training our mind to focus on the positive and pay less attention to the critical thoughts and concerns takes practice.   Traditional talk therapies, such as counselling may work over the long term but in a similar way to learning to meditate or visualise positive outcomes, some consistency in practice is required in order to create a new, positive set of neurological pathways to replace the negative habitual thinking.  A wellbeing coach can help you shift from negative thought processes when they have become overwhelming.

What if change could be instant and dynamic?  What if it didn’t involved any dialogue, working things out or regular practice to create change?  When we accept that our body is more than just flesh, blood and mind; that there is a different, unseen, energetic aspect of ourselves it becomes easier to understand how our thoughts, as energy magnets can attract outcomes we don’t desire.  The majority of people can recognise that being around positive, charismatic, fun people can change their mood and behaviour. Similarly, when we walk into a room where people have been arguing or are hostile we can immediately sense something is wrong and may be inclined to retreat to avoid becoming involved.

Thoughts are an electrical impulse which shape energy both within the nervous system of our body and outside our bodies within the world.     When we are with other people we can pick up on what they are thinking or feeling, whether consciously or unconsciously, and believe it to be ours.    We are radio receivers to energies as well as part of a collective mind.

When we are constantly thinking similar thoughts repeatedly, or when we experience something traumatic or alarming, our energy can get trapped within our energy field.   Releasing that trapped energy in the form of a thought, feeling or emotion can remove the associated behaviour that has kept us trapped in a negative cycle or thought pattern.

Access Bars is an energy practice that touches 32 points on the head releasing the electro-magnetic charge related to thoughts, feelings and emotions, effortlessly providing clarity and a true sense of peace.   

It’s like hitting the delete button on a computer releasing what has got you stuck and is not supporting you. Following a session of Access Bars most people lose the trigger that causes the thought, reaction or feeling and forget what was concerning them.  Physical pains get released from the body and a sense of total wellbeing restored.

Access Bars has assisted people to change their anxiety, stress, depression, grief, addictions, body, sleep, health, weight, money, relationships,  PTSD, AD&D/ADHD, Alzheimer’s, MS, and so much more.   You can listen to an interview on UK Health Radio between psychiatrist Dr Samantha Nagpal and Sarah Moise, energy medicine practitioner discussing how Access Bars works.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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