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Energising Banana & Chia Smoothie

Reading Time: 2 minutes


  • 1.5 tbsp Chia Bia milled chia seed
  • 1 sachet of Alka Beau
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 cup of your choice of yoghurt (Greek, almond, coconut, etc.)
  • 1/2 cup of your choice of milk (cow’s, almond, soy, oat, etc.)


  1. Begin by soaking the chia seeds. In a small bowl, combine the Chia Bia milled chia seeds with 3 tablespoons of water. Let this sit for about 15 minutes, allowing the chia seeds to absorb the water and form a gel-like consistency. This process makes them easier to digest and allows you to get the most nutrition from them.
  2. While the chia seeds are soaking, peel your ripe banana and cut it into chunks. Place these in your blender.
  3. Open your sachet of Alka Beau and add it to the blender. Alka Beau is often used as a supplement for detoxification, so this smoothie could be a good option after a workout or when you’re feeling in need of a refresh.
  4. Add your chosen yoghurt to the blender. If you want a thicker, creamier smoothie, go for Greek yoghurt. For those with dairy intolerances or preferences, almond, coconut, or other non-dairy yoghurts would also work.
  5. Pour in your choice of milk. The type of milk you use can alter the flavour of your smoothie slightly, so choose one that complements your other ingredients.
  6. By this time, your chia seeds should have formed a gel. Add the soaked chia seeds to the blender.
  7. Blend all the ingredients together until you have a smooth and creamy consistency. If the smoothie is too thick for your liking, feel free to add a little more milk and blend again.
  8. Pour your smoothie into a glass and enjoy immediately while it’s fresh.

This energising banana and chia smoothie is a great breakfast option, providing you with good amounts of fibre from the chia seeds and potassium from the banana. The Alka Beau can help your body’s detoxification processes, making this a healthful start to your day. Enjoy!

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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