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5 Excellent Ways to Keep Your Employees Mentally Healthy

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Many CEOs run a thriving and high achieving company, which results from their initiatives to increase productivity and make things better for their employees. However, many business owners think that an employee’s mental health is none of their concern.

In reality, the mental health of the employees directly affects every aspect of their lives, whether it’s at work or outside. That’s is why you need to look into these simple, yet brilliant ways to keep your employees mentally healthy for their well-being and your company’s.

Encourage them to balance work and personal life better

Most business owners want their employees to work tirelessly day in and day out. They think their company will thrive with employees that put in late nights and weekends. Although this might be doing you some good at the moment, it’s not an ideal case for the long run.

If your employees don’t have a proper work/life balance, then their health will slowly decline, and they will eventually burn out. That’s why you should encourage them to only work business hours, enjoy their weekends, take vacations when the company offers, and leave the emails unanswered during their personal time.

Offer your employees screening tools

Many people suffering from mental health issues aren’t quite aware of the problem. They are in too deep that they might not be aware of the signs and symptoms. They may simply think of it as stress and believe it will eventually pass. But you can do something to make them realise.

You can hire mental health services that provide screening and much more to help your employees get back on their feet. With the right service, you can potentially save a lot of money in the long run. 

Make your managers more aware

You need to educate your managers and team leads on the signs of mental illnesses. This can help them recognise issues, such as depression or anxiety, in the employees that work in their departments. 

Your managers can have a soft conversation with the people they think are struggling and figure out how to help them. It can be instrumental in making employees feel like they matter and increasing morale.

Promote a healthy life

You should consider promoting a few simple ways for your employees to improve mental health. The best thing you can do is to arrange sports games and ask everyone to participate. Other than that, you should also encourage them to eat a healthier diet and workout more often. If they don’t like working out at a gym, then try to get them interested in other forms of exercise. 

To make this even more useful, you could offer some benefits. That way, more people will be healthier, and the productivity in your company can be at an all-time high.

Allow time off for therapy

Your employees might not be shy to ask for time off to go to the dentist’s office or to see a general practitioner. However, they might often avoid coming forward when it comes to treating their mental health needs.

That is why your employees need to know that you are more open and comfortable with the idea. Also, that you are interested in making sure their mental health is in exceptional condition.

You can do this by allowing employees to take a day off or have a flexible schedule so they can get the therapy they need. You need to make it clear that mental illness is a serious problem, and no one will be penalised or looked down at if they come forward.


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Peter Wallace has been an advocate for mental health awareness for years. He holds a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Edinburgh.

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