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Employee Relocation Issues and How to Avoid Them

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Moving your company may be a crucial and necessary step for your business. Employees, on the other hand, may find relocation stressful. Many will likely refuse to relocate, impacting your company’s bottom line.

If you decide to relocate your company, consider in advance the relocation problems that could arise. This article will discuss the most common relocation issues, how to avoid them, and effectively resolve conflicts that may occur during relocation. 

Most common issues of employees relocation 

Relocation is a complicated process and you should consider that some of your employees may “dig in their heels,” refusing to relocate and prefer seeking redundancy rather than moving. 

Here are the top issues you should consider while relocating:

Adaptive fear

Some people may refuse to relocate because they don’t handle changes well. They may feel confused because of cultural differences, others may not wish to leave their comfort zone and start with a new page.   

Find a house

Finding a new and affordable house in a city you are unfamiliar with is stressful. Usually, to avoid such problems big companies cover the cost of temporary housing for their relocated employees.  

Family relocation

One of the reasons could be your employees’ families. Employees could feel overwhelmed because of family separation. In some cases, their family members can refuse to relocate.

Relocation management

Relocation is a highly stressful process both for employees and employers. You should keep your employees’ interests in mind and have a clear image of relocation expenses.

Lack of trust in the future or your promises could be one of the reasons why your employees do not want to relocate. Hence, you should not only tell them about the perfect perspectives they are going to have but show them a well-organized business plan as well.   

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You can also draw up appropriate employee contracts, which will include a mobility clause in advance to avoid displacement problems. To do so, you need strong immigration lawyers such as s&b lawyers in NYC that can be a great solution company.

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How to motivate employees to relocate and resolve conflict 

Honesty and transparency are building blocks of effective communication. You should prepare your employees for relocation in advance. Inform them about relocating earlier, talk about career growth and new opportunities, and involve them in discussions. You should also consider potential problems, demonstrate empathy, and offer assistance to your employees.

Resolve conflicts

Employers often underestimate the problems that could arise because of miscommunication. You will probably need to overcome conflicts during relocation. If you face serious conflict in your team and don’t know how to get rid of it, you can get support from Pollack Peacebuilding – the largest workplace conflict resolution services firm in the US which provides appropriate conflict resolution services for employees.  

You should also be ready for the problem which can arise after relocation. In this case, you will need de-escalation skill workshops. Today such kinds of workshops are possible to organize both in person and virtually. Pollack Peacebuilding is the number one provider of de-escalation training for employees and customer service agents in the US, so here you can find the support you need.

Suggest relocation bonuses

A relocation bonus is a lump sum of money paid to a new employee by a company to refund costs related to the worker moving to take the position. Employees are free to use the relocation bonus and they see fit to manage their relocation process.

You can also support your employees and their spouse to get a visa and find a new house. 


Relocation is a tough process. It would be best if you prepared your employees for relocation in advance to make this process smooth. Communicate with them earlier, prepare your business plan and relocation bounce system and consider some of the abovementioned problems to escape possible conflicts.

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