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Emotional Intelligence Online Course Launched by Aalto University Executive Education

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A new online course on emotional intelligence has been launched by Aalto University Executive Education (Aalto EE).

Emotional intelligence is widely seen as a component of potential and predictor of future performance.

All of us experience a variety of emotions every day at work and elsewhere. Our emotions drive our behaviors and actions and often influence our decision-making and results.

Emotions can be harmful if they are not understood or managed properly – but in the best case scenario, they can enable radical progress and superior performance. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognise and influence emotions, and it is a skill that can be developed through practice.

As part of Aalto EE’s new programme, participants will learn about the impact of emotional intelligence on individual performance, team results, and company culture.

The course is split into five modules explaining what emotional intelligence is, why everyone can increase their emotional intelligence, and its importance on individual, interpersonal and organisational levels.

Teaching is delivered through video lectures and reflection tasks, encouraging participants to set their own timetable and learn at a pace which suits them.

‘Research consistently shows that people who have developed emotional intelligence are more resilient and creative, qualities which boost performance. This will be noticed and your high performance will be rewarded,’ says associate professor Timo Vuori, the programme instructor.

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