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The Emotional Distress Caused by Having Cellulite (and the Fight Against It)

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People are always trying to look and feel as healthy as possible. One thing that can affect people’s confidence and body image is cellulite. Even though cellulite is not actually harmful or painful, it can still be distressing and those who have it often struggle with low self-esteem. Luckily nowadays, there are ways to treat cellulite marks and help people restore their healthy-looking bodies back to their previous shape so that they can recover from all the emotional distress. Here is everything you need to know about cellulite and how you can successfully fight against it.

Causes of cellulite

One of the primary reasons why having cellulite can be pretty hard on some people is that they do not know what causes it and what they have done wrong to get to this point. The truth is, you may be doing things just fine and can be even leading a healthy lifestyle yet still get the cellulite marks as a result of different factors that you have no control over. Cellulite is the product of fat buildup under the skin. In most cases, women are more likely to suffer from this condition than men. That is not to say that you have to be in a certain weight or body type to get or not get cellulite, as anyone can suffer from it. Here are some common causes of cellulite among people of different body types.


As people age, they are more likely to start noticing changes to their skin, among which are cellulite marks. This is why people of a certain age are often told to get cellulite massage to avoid the dimples and lumps that form as they get older. As the body ages, its ability to burn fat starts fading away and becomes a lot slower, which can cause these marks to appear. With regular massages, you can reduce cellulite or even prevent it from forming in the first place.


Even though cellulite is often seen in women of old age, you can still find young women and men suffering from these skin marks. This can be a result of the genetic traits that they inherit from their parents and grandparents and have nothing to do with their age or body type. Genetics in this case makes the body more susceptible to cellulite marks as it stores fat quicker and does not burn it well as it should.

Dietary factors

Cellulite does not always show because of people’s body type, however, sometimes, one’s eating habits can cause the fat build-up marks to start appearing clearly. If your diet is mainly fats and junk food, then you will be more likely to have cellulite marks than if you would if your diet is mainly green foods and fibres. Some people even swear by the results of changing their diets in reducing the risk of cellulite and treating the condition over time along with other treatment options.

Getting rid of unwanted marks

Having cellulite marks can be quite overwhelming for anyone as it can make some people feel less confident with their bodies. However, if you have this skin condition, you should not be too disheartened as there are numerous ways at present to treat it once and for all. Here are the most common and effective types of treatment out there to help you get rid of unwanted cellulite marks.


Since cellulite is mainly caused by fats building up under the skin, it only makes sense that helping your body burn these fats can get you your perfectly stretched skin back. Try following an exercise routine that focuses on the affected areas and you will likely see quick results the more you practice.

If you want faster solutions, creams are very effective when you are trying to get rid of cellulite. These topical treatments are designed to target the fat cells beneath the skin and improve blood circulation, helping to break down cellulite. Creams containing caffeine, retinol, and antioxidants are particularly effective as they can boost collagen production and reduce inflammation, which can lead to smoother, firmer skin. To get the best results, it is important to use the cream consistently and massage it into the affected areas. While creams alone may not completely eliminate cellulite, they can certainly help to reduce its appearance and improve the overall texture of the skin. 

Laser treatments

If the cellulite marks you have are too deep then the best course of treatment may be a laser. You will need to go to a specialized clinic to get laser treatments but they are incredibly effective and can take away your marks in no time. You may need to use some topical creams simultaneously to keep your skin elastic and healthy after these treatments.

Having uneven skin as a result of cellulite can be incredibly disheartening, causing people to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Once you start noticing these lumps and dimples, make sure you take quick action in order to get rid of these marks once and for all. Do your research to learn what kind of treatment will work best for you and how you can get your confidence back.

Helen Baumeister, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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