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Embracing Comfort and Culture: The Rise of Custom Dakimakura Pillows

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In recent years, the dakimakura, a type of large body pillow originating from Japan, has gained international popularity not just among anime enthusiasts but also among those seeking unique, personalised comfort solutions. Custom dakimakura pillows blend the traditional aspects of Japanese pop culture with modern, customisable elements, allowing individuals to create a product that is uniquely theirs. This article delves into what dakimakura pillows are, their cultural significance, the benefits of customising them, and how you can get your own personalised version.

What is a dakimakura?

Dakimakura, directly translating to “hug pillow” in English, is typically a 50 cm x 150 cm pillow, though sizes can vary. Originally, these pillows featured printed images of anime and manga characters and were primarily marketed towards otaku culture. However, as their popularity grew, so did their range of designs and purposes. Today, dakimakura can feature anything from famous anime characters to custom artwork, including portraits, pets, or even personal designs crafted by the pillow owner.

Cultural significance of dakimakura

Otaku culture

  • Fandom expression. Dakimakura are a way for fans to express their affinity for certain characters or series, serving as a physical manifestation of their fandom.
  • Collector’s item. Many enthusiasts collect different dakimakura covers as part of their fandom merchandise.

Comfort and companionship

  • Emotional comfort. For many, dakimakura provide emotional comfort, offering a sense of presence and companionship.
  • Sleep aid. Their size and shape make them excellent sleep aids, especially for people who find comfort and security in holding something while they sleep.

The advantages of custom dakimakura


  • Unique designs. Custom dakimakura allow individuals to choose or create designs that resonate personally with them, whether it’s a favourite character, a custom graphic, or a personal photo.
  • Creative freedom. There is a significant creative aspect, as customers can engage in the design process, choosing colours, patterns, and images that reflect their personality or aesthetic preferences.

Enhanced comfort with a personal touch

  • Material choices. Customisation also extends to the type of fabric, allowing for selections based on texture preferences or sensitivities.
  • Tailored comfort. Users can select fillings that match their desired firmness, ensuring the pillow serves both decorative and functional purposes.

Gift giving

  • Thoughtful presents. A custom dakimakura can be a deeply personal and thoughtful gift, perfect for friends or loved ones who appreciate unique and personalised items.

Designing your custom dakimakura

Selecting the right material

  • Softness and durability. Options typically include soft polyester, which is durable and retains colour well, making it ideal for detailed prints.
  • Breathability. For those in warmer climates, choosing a breathable fabric can enhance comfort.

Choosing the design

  • High-resolution images. Ensure that the images used are high resolution to prevent any distortion or pixelation when printed on the large surface of a dakimakura.
  • Consulting with artists. For those wanting custom artwork, consulting with skilled artists who specialise in dakimakura designs can result in a professional and personalised product.

Customisation extras

  • Zipper features. Adding a zipper can make the cover easy to remove and clean.
  • Double-sided printing. This option allows for different designs on each side, offering versatility in display and use.

Where to get your custom dakimakura

For those interested in acquiring their own custom dakimakura, it’s important to select a provider that offers high-quality materials and printing techniques. Websites like Vograce specialise in custom dakimakura pillows, ensuring that the final product is not only durable and comfortable but also perfectly matches your design specifications.


Custom dakimakura pillows beautifully merge cultural significance with personal expression and comfort. Whether used for decorative purposes, as a sleep aid, or as a way to express fandom, these pillows offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. The ability to customise these pillows allows for a level of personalization that makes them not only a reflection of individual style but also a special, comforting presence in one’s life. With custom dakimakura, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination, allowing everyone to embrace a touch of comfort and culture in their own unique way.

Adam Mulligan, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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