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Embarking on a UK Tour: Notorious Ex-Mobster Releases New Book, Taking the Self-Development World by Storm

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Stephen Gillen, an ex-gangster who transformed his life, is now a successful CEO, and TV personality and was nominated for an International Peace Prize in 2019. His inspiring life story, published in “The Monkey Puzzle Tree,” has been optioned for a major Hollywood film.

He has ventured into the self-development space with his innovative educational platform called “The Resilience Code,” which aims to improve the lives of people with challenging pasts, adversity, and trauma, just like he experienced.

Recently seen in “Sky’s The Essex Murders” and being an inspiration for “Finn Wallace in Gangs of London”, his upcoming book generates excitement as it promises to offer something unique and special. Stephen is also starting after a successful tour in North America at the end of last year, a new UK tour called “Ready to Talk”.

The VIP red carpet event will see many celebrities and interesting people attend the first event in London as this fascinating, current and explosive story takes another turn.

With Eamon Holmes as the interviewer, this event on 2nd September in Kingston, London, will captivate over 600 people. The UK Tour will introduce a new and innovative format in the self-development space, promising an explosive and memorable experience with three powerful segments throughout the evening.

The first segment will feature an exclusive interview with Stephen, delving into his past and revealing fresh content about some of the most notorious criminals he has encountered, including Charlie Bronson, the Essex boys, The Knightsbridge safety deposit robber Valerio Vici, Kenny Noye, and others.

In the second segment, there will be a deep dive into Stephen’s personal transformation and methodologies. Attendees can gain valuable insights into his journey and learn from his experiences.

The final talk of the event, titled “Grace & Resilience,” will focus on the remarkable work Stephen is currently doing with CEOs, KPIs, and other major corporate companies around the world. This segment promises to inspire and motivate the audience, showcasing the power of grace and resilience in the face of challenges.

Stephen’s impact and accomplishments are evident in his nomination for the Sunhak International Peace Prize in 2019, which further adds to the anticipation of this event. Following the Kingston event, Stephen will embark on a series of literary festivals throughout the UK and a highly anticipated US Tour early next year.

Stephen Gillen is available for an interview on the above or any relevant topical content on tv, radio or any publication media, magazines and or appropriate platforms. His expert areas are crime, transformation, business, addiction, mental health, prison, the justice system, TV & film development and writing as an author. He is also the co-founder of Roar Media.

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