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Eliminate Bed Bugs Quickly with Top Tips, Expert Reveals

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How do you know if you’ve been afflicted by bed bugs, and how do you combat them? Eager to help, the experts at Mattress Online have provided their top tips for identifying and exterminating tiny pests.

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How to check for bed bugs

Bed bugs can be hard to get rid of once they have found an environment they like, so it is important to identify them as early as possible. Follow these simple steps to check for bed bugs in your mattresses:

  1. Slowly remove each piece of bedding from your mattress
  2. Check the surface of your mattress
  3. Check the sides of your mattress
  4. Lift up each corner of your mattress and check
  5. Flip your mattress over and check the underside
  6. Move your mattress off of your bed frame
  7. Check the frame of your bed
  8. Check the slats or base of your bed
  9. If you can, check underneath your bed

You should be looking for anything like:

  • Insects about the size of an apple seed (these are the bed bugs themselves)
  • Small blood spots
  • Small insect droppings
  • Small white insect eggs
  • Shed skin – about the size of the bed bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs

Whilst the most effective way to rid your house of bed bugs is to call a pest control company, there are steps you can try yourself:

  1. Machine wash all your bedding and clothes (including pajamas) at a high temperature, to kill any living there.
  2. Vacuum your bed, mattress, and bedroom floor regularly – if you have carpet, upholstery, or mattress cleaner, use this too.
  3. Deep clean your mattress by vacuuming, scrubbing, and machine washing parts, if possible.
  4. If you think they may have entered the house on a piece of furniture, thoroughly deep clean the furniture according to the care instructions – outside if possible.
  5. Keep mattresses, bedding, upholstery, and clothing clean and fresh at all times.

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