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Effective Ways Couple Therapy Can Save Your Marriage

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In the US, almost 40%–50% of married couples end up getting a divorce. This rate, however, is falling, partly thanks to the fantastic marriage counselling services that couples can now avail of. Before things get to the point of no return, more and more couples are opting for taking the help of a third party. With these professional interventions, couples can rebuild their marriages faster. 

If your marriage is going through a rough patch, you must confront the problems promptly to save it from destruction in the future. Here are a few convincing reasons why couples therapy can help you effectively bring your marriage back from the brink. 

A good way to get impartial advice

If you choose a leading Christian couples therapy service, you will be getting professionals who have a good number of years of experience dealing with a wide variety of marital issues. You can get practical help from your therapist to improve communication once they hear you both out. The best therapy professionals can take things one step further if talking it out does not suffice. You can get multiple types of advice from experienced therapists to improve your relationship. 

These therapists will use combined reasoning that is entirely impartial to offer practical tips on addressing the problems in your marriage. However, it will be up to you and your spouse to put those tips to work at home to make them work. Couples can benefit immensely from this advice as they are impartial and consider both partners’ points of view. 

You get to unburden your frustration and resentment

If you allow feelings such as frustration, resentment, and anger to fester, you are giving your marriage more reasons to break down. Your marriage eventually gets poisoned by the toxic elements of these emotions. If you let these emotions fester, they will ultimately poison every aspect of your married life. Seeing an expert therapist allows you both to talk about the resentment and frustration you feel toward each other. This way, you can talk about the issues that are burdening you, ultimately being able to get things off your chest. 

This allows you to feel better; the same goes for your spouse. Your therapist can take these things into account and offer you tips based on the things you have shared with them. This way, the advice is more relative and practical as it focuses on solving the feelings of contempt and resentment you feel for your spouse. By discussing your issues, you are letting go of your defensiveness and moving toward making the relationship work.

You can address issues with infidelity to rebuild trust

Infidelity can destroy your marriage. It doesn’t matter if you have performed adultery or come close to it. Trust between you and your spouse can get irrevocably damaged if the feelings of betrayal are allowed to grow. Often, the only way to rebuild trust is by being brutally honest with each other.

Couples therapy focuses on any type of infidelity directly, leaving no room for judgment or prejudice. The best way to deal with infidelity is to discuss it openly, which is why therapists encourage total disclosure between couples. The biggest damage that infidelity causes to marriage is destroying the trust between the married couple. Couples therapy finds ways to rebuild that trust in your spouse, one step at a time.

Allows you to be honest

It can be challenging to be totally honest with your spouse in the confines of your home, which is also your most frequent battleground. If you want to be brutally honest with your spouse, it needs to be done in the right setting; otherwise, there is always the risk of further anger, pain, and confrontation. This is why going to see a couples therapist is a better idea. You will be able to open up entirely in the therapist’s chambers. 

Being honest is much easier in couples therapy, as it is a safe environment where you will not be judged in any manner. The best way to move past the issues plaguing your marriage is not to lie or hide anything from each other. It is easier to open up when an expert therapist is present when you are both in couples therapy.

It helps you to become close again

It is common for you to feel the need to see a therapist if you think that your marriage has hit a slump. You might feel that you have drifted apart from your partner while you were once physically and emotionally intertwined. This is common amongst most couples and can lead to serious issues if not dealt with promptly. Going to a therapist might be beneficial, as they allow you to see the bigger picture, ultimately strengthening the marital bond and the intimacy between you two.

Allows you to recognise patterns

One of the reasons that will make you want to try out couples therapy is when you find yourself into habits and routines that you can’t seem to get out of. You seem to constantly shout at each other, making resolving any of the issues impossible. As time passes, the couple gets used to this type of dysfunction, and they fail to see how damaged their relationship is due to these patterns. When you see a couples therapist, they help you identify these patterns. This way, both of you can put in the required effort to change the patterns for good in the future.

Summing up

It is possible to save any troubled relationship, provided both parties in the marriage are willing to give couples therapy a chance. However, both parties must be open to realising that couples therapy is a process and it does not guarantee any quick fixes. Both you and your spouse must go into couples therapy with an open mind and be willing to put in the effort to solve the issues by taking professional guidance and advice wherever required. Best of luck with working out the problems with your marriage.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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