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How Much Effect Family Life Puts on Men’s Health

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Men’s health is a debated topic in India and around the world for several years and if you look at the current trends it will continue for much more decades. The reasons for men’s health can be toxic work culture, relationship problems, failed careers and a lot of other reasons. At the end of the day, we reach our family to get love and share our love and happiness. But what happens if even your family gives you stress and tension. In that condition, the stress will multiply and if not treated the situation will become worse and can cause a nervous breakdown, depression, anxiety, personality disorder etc. Such people are the ones that take Vidalista 20 mg and Cenforce 100.

In this article, we shall focus on dealing with aspects of family life and how it affects the health of men. We shall also discuss the solutions that need to be taken other than depending on pills. 

Family problems

Family is something that is our support system and is the people’s one whom we depend on when things don’t go as per our wish. In times of stress, distress, pain, agony, depression these people come first to share our problems with us and help find a solution. But many times, it happens that family gets too pushy and try to impose certain rules and regulations which you don’t follow. The situation then becomes dicey and we turn rebellious. This creates tension among the family members causing conflicts in the family. Such a situation if not controlled in time spreads distress in each member’s life and directly affects his/her focus and concentration. 

And in men’s life, there are already other issues that trouble him mentally like conflicts with the boss, love and relations, promotion tensions etc. Hence, this addition of stress makes him vulnerable to mental disorders like depression, stress, anxiety, mood swings, short-term memory loss etc. These mental situations also affect the intimate life of men and deprive them of satisfaction in bed. Hence, such men take Fildena for gaining the needed strength to satisfy his partner. 

So, one can see how a simple issue in the family if not solved within time, starts affecting the man both physically and mentally. 

What do then?

Well, many men imitate what they see in movies and TV series, they drink alcoholic beverages and other intoxicating substances to get rid of stress. Hence, after a time they end up getting addicted and more mentally unstable. Hence, wine or whisky which seemed like a solution ultimately worsened the disorder. So, avoid getting dependent on such addictive elements for reducing the tensions of family pressure. This is because it may give short-term ease from stress but in the long-term, it will damage the mental and physical strength to a much greater extent. 

Similarly, do not depend on anti-depressants and stress-relievers. As they also provide short-term solutions to stress release and in the long run they are more likely to show side effects. So, then what are we left to do? Understand one thing that in life we cannot change our family. Even if some stress and conflicts persist, we have to deal with them and carry out our work. 

Do yoga and meditation

Taking family problems into work life will be detrimental both for you and your employer. Hence, do regular yoga and meditation for at least an hour. Include this in your daily routine, if possible, cut the time you spend on the gym because gymming may help in building six-pack abs but it doesn’t help in increasing focus and concentration. Yoga and meditation in Ayurveda have been described as the way for the union of body and the mind. When your body and mind are in sync you become more productive and chances of excelling in life are high. 

It stabilizes blood pressure, reduces stress, increases dopamine levels that uplift the mood of the person. Negativity is shredded, the sleep-wake cycle is normalized and the person feels more happy and cheerful. For any kind of mental disorder yoga and meditation are more effective than any tablet from Powpills

Go on holiday

A stagnant life is surely more depressive than in a life where things are changing. So, if you have not gone on a vacation or a family trip for several years. Then break this monotony and take your family on a tour. This will give you a break from your work as well as help you spend some quality time with your family. The bonds between family members will strengthen as the new place brings new vibes and the thrill of going on a vacation overcomes any stress and conflicts among members. After all, it is your family and in the end, we need to come together or someone else might take advantage of the conflicts in the family.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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