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Edge Hill University Highlights All Support Available for Students and Staff for Stress Awareness Month

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Millions of people around the UK experience high levels of stress and national Stress Awareness Month is designed to get people thinking about modern stress, how to spot the signs and how to prevent it.

Given the challenges of dealing with COVID-19 and new social distancing measures, Edge Hill recognises that the health and well-being of every student and member of staff has never been more important.

The University is doing all it can to help everyone adjust to new ways of learning and working, supporting mental health and well-being and continuing to offer advice to those who may be experiencing financial difficulties due to the global outbreak.

Student Services and Human Resources have brought together plenty of resources to help students and staff, including those from national charities, and are reiterating the support the University can offer its Edge Hill community.

Fay Sherrington, Director of Student Services, said: ‘The well-being and happiness of our students is paramount. During this year’s Stress Awareness Month I want to ensure all our students know there is lots of support for them to help them deal with the realities of the COVID-19 crisis.

‘We have moved our services online or over the phone and colleagues across the University are offering additional support to help students continue their learning online. We know it’s going to be a tough few months, but we will get through it together.’

Director of Human Resources, Sonya Clarkson, added: ‘My team have provided new resources and guides to make sure all staff have the help they need during this difficult time. We are also asking everyone to look after their colleagues by staying in contact and supporting each other virtually or over the phone.

‘We are encouraging colleagues to go for walks, try out some meditation methods and be open about any issues they may be having so we can all be there for one another.’

Resources students and staff are being encouraged to access to support well being and help them stay motivated include:

It is hoped that this advice will help students and staff know that the University is always there to offer support through these unprecedented times.

If you’re a student and need advice and support for your well-being, email studentwellbeing@edgehill.ac.uk.

If you’re a member of staff, the well-being and development team are available by email StaffWellbeingAndDevelopment@edgehill.ac.uk to provide support.


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