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Call for Papers: Economic Recession and Healthcare Rights


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The Economic Recession and Healthcare Rights: Lessons from Southern Europe


Southern European countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal) were most impacted by the 2009 financial crisis, given that there were neither primary social safety nets for those unable to meet their needs through market or family settings, nor supplementary policies in case of specific health and social care needs. The Mediterranean social protection model was strongly fragmented, and public spending was focused on civil servants’ salaries and state pensions.

The active implementation of health and social care rights during the economic recession in least advanced social protection regimes is a key challenge for national and international policy makers, particularly for international organisations active in this field, as UN, WHO, Council of Europe, and the EU.

This special issue aims to:

  • Highlight the impact of poverty and social exclusion on the machinery of health and social care rights;
  • Highlight the interplay between the human rights and capabilities approach and the fiscal surveillance approach within the Mediterranean social protection model;
  • Provide commentary and research on the issues at hand, but within the broader framework of social rights;
  • Identify learning points and highlight future trends in research, policy and practice.

List of anticipated themes include:

  • Comparative overviews about the active implementation of health and social care rights during the economic recession in the Mediterranean regimes;
  • National contributions on Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal about:
  • The regulation of the health and social care rights during the economic recession
  • Poverty and healthcare
  • Social classes, economics and access to health and social care
  • Policy makers and what drives reforms
  • Evidence of the economic impact on health and social care.

The journal welcomes papers which use varied approaches, including Literature reviews, discussion of theory, comparative studies, systematic evaluation of interventions, analysis of qualitative data, and study of health and social care institutions and the political process.

Submission procedure

Submissions to this journal are through the ScholarOne submission systemPlease visit the author guidelines for the journal, which gives full details. Please ensure you select this special issue from the relevant drop down menu on page four of the submission process.

Initial submission deadline: 31 October 2018

Anticipated publication date: May 2019