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Let’s Eat Better to Feel Better: My Response to the NHS ‘Shake’ Diet

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More than half of our nation is overweight or obese. So, are shakes really the answer? We need a long-term healthy eating strategy now to help our nation eat better to feel better. 

During the lockdown, I have developed a weight loss programme to help people through. Now, I wish to turn people’s attention to the entire nation – especially after recent announcements on the Government’s proposed push for a ‘shake diet‘. 

I feel at this current time – now more than ever – we need a realistic, long-term solution to the nation’s obesity epidemic and I am shocked and horrified by the recent announcement of the NHS ‘shake’ diet. This is yet another short-sighted view of the problems that underlie weight issues and will leave people in another quandary once they complete the diet; not knowing what and how to eat, to prevent regaining the weight after undoubtedly losing by drinking shakes. 

When you consider that 60% of our nation is now overweight/obese, we really need to tackle the issue with a long-term solution and I believe my programme offers a realistic and effective way that everyone can follow. This is not a diet, more of an education alongside instilling sensible, healthy eating habits that can be life-changing for many.

Since lockdown and Boris’s appeal to ‘pivot’, I have turned my business around and built a variety of ‘online’ options to help my clients and followers stay healthy and well. 

One of my biggest online successes has been my ‘Eat Better Feel Better’ weight loss programme which has now helped over 300 people to improve their diet through sensible and realistic eating habits for long-term weight loss success; focusing on realistic and lifelong changes (not dieting).

Each member who has followed the programme have reported significant weight loss (approx. 6–7lb’s), but they also report better mood, energy levels and sleep. ‘Eat Better Feel Better’ really does what it says on the tin! I am really proud of my unique programme which I originally developed as a trial in December last year to help people ‘de-clutter’ their gut for a healthy start to 2020. 

One of my members following the programme in June lost 11lbs; this was life-changing for her and she has continued to stick to the core ethos of my programme and continues to lose weight in a healthy way. Another member following the programme from the US, came off all diabetic medication due to her success on the programme. 

The next Eat Better Feel Better programme begins this coming Monday 7th September and you can join via my website. If you feel it is relevant and helpful to your readers I would be happy to provide further information or a short introduction to the programme and what it entails and how your readers can join via my website.


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Evie Whitehead is a registered nutritional therapist and is the owner of Evienutrition.

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