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3 Easy Ways to Get the Minerals You Need in Your Diet

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One of the biggest parts of pursuing your best health journey is making sure that your diet has everything that your body needs. For some people, when they hear the word ‘diet’, they may immediately think of fad diets that are unrealistic for long-term use, or they may think of unrealistic body image expectations. It is unfortunate that during an age where this is so much access to quality nutrition that is easily available, concepts about the word diet have devolved into the negative effects of toxic diet culture.

The truth is, a person’s diet should be exciting, empowering, delicious, and most importantly, enjoyable and healthy. The problem that most people face, is that they think of diet as being separate from enjoyment. Food is meant to provide joy and joy is what makes life so worth living. 

One way to restructure how you think about the word ‘diet’ is to understand what it was intended to mean. The term diet shouldn’t be associated with an outcome, but instead a process. A process of getting key nutrients that your body needs. While certain short-term diets have been created for specific purposes, a person’s overall diet should reflect the lifestyle they want. Part of understanding this is to know about the key fundamental elements that make up a diet such as healthy fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. 

One aspect of a person’s diet that is vital for good health is minerals. Most minerals that the body needs are considered essential as they must be taken in through the diet. Minerals play an important part in several vital biochemical processes from carrying oxygen throughout the body to forming strands of RNA and DNA. While a substantial amount of minerals are dependent on a diet to get into the body, the good news is that it’s fairly easy to accomplish. 

If you have been looking at ways of rounding out your diet and getting the number of daily vitamins and minerals that you need, here are some easy ways to accomplish this. 

Sea moss jell

For the person who loves to spend time in their kitchen, finding recipes that are rich in minerals can be as easy as incorporating veggies and fruits into your meals. If you are looking for something new to try out when it comes to getting rich and all-natural sources of minerals and vitamins, try out sea moss jell. 

Sea moss is an alga that grows in the ocean and is packed with important nutrients such as minerals. The great part about sea moss jell, in particular, is that it can be used in various dishes for its thickening properties, and its taste is easily overridden so it rarely affects the experience of a dish. 

When shopping for sea moss, the best sea moss will always be labelled as wildcrafted, which is a term that means it was harvested from the ocean. The other important factor to look for when buying sea moss is what ocean and where from. The best sea moss will not only be wildcrafted but harvested from locations that are low in traffic. For example, sea moss that’s been harvested from a busy port might have been contaminated due to the excessive amount of traffic, oil, and debris that a highly trafficked port may introduce. Getting ocean-harvested sea moss from locations with less traffic than busy ports is ideal. 

If you still want to get a natural source of minerals, but don’t like to cook, sea moss also comes in pill form and can be taken as a supplement. 

Daily vitamin and mineral supplements

The most popular way to get the vitamins and minerals that you need while on the go is through a daily multivitamin. These incredible supplements supply more than enough daily nutrition and come in an easy-to-use form factor that makes them perfect for vitamins and minerals on the go. 

Veggies and fruit

One of the best ways to get a natural, rich source of vitamins and minerals is to start snacking on raw fruits and veggies. Not only can this be delicious, but fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals as well as other important dietary necessities, like fibre, healthy fats, and protein! 


Your diet should serve you and not intimidate you. Taking back control of the word diet is easier than you may think and it starts by finding out what you need to eat. There’s no reason whatsoever why dieting properly has to include a certain level of unpleasantness or misery. Food is something that is meant to be enjoyed, and when you find out what kind of nutrients you need, food can not only be enjoyable but sustaining. 

With these easy-to-use recommendations, you can find powerful ways of incorporating vitamins and minerals into your diet with ease. 

Simona LeVey did her degree in psychology at Tel Aviv University. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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