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Easy to Make Soup Recipes: Beat the Cold with These Experts Approved

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When it comes to hearty winter dishes, soup continues to take reign as the most popular choice after recent search data reveals the hashtag #soupseason has surged by 17 positions on TikTok in Canada, amassing over two million views and counting in the past week.

What’s not to love about soup? It’s creamy, comforting, packed with flavour, and arguably one of the most versatile dishes in the kitchen. Not to mention, it’s also incredibly easy to make, filling, and will no doubt become a staple in your home during the winter. 

As the popularity of #soupseason continues to soar, meal-box delivery company Chefs Plate has shared some of their favourite soup recipes, bursting with seasonal flavours that will have you embracing the colder months as you warm up with the taste of these nourishing recipes.

Curried lentil and chicken soup

Why not try a delicious and hearty curried chicken and lentil soup that will provide you with a soothing inner warmth? Garnished with cilantro sour cream and served with buttery toasted naan for dipping, it’s the perfect meal for a chilly night.

One-pot Italian meatball soup

Cooking doesn’t get much easier than this one-pot Italian meatball soup. This Italian-American classic stews kale and marinara in a wonderfully flavourful broth teeming with tender turkey meatballs and pearl couscous. 

Spicy chipotle tortilla soup

If you’re seeking a soup with a spicy kick to help keep you warm, give this steaming tortilla soup a go! 

Creamy Tuscan-inspired soup

Creamy and delicious, this soup’s flavours are inspired by the beautiful Italian region of Tuscany. It’s not just about the delicious flavours but also the nourishing qualities that make it a go-to meal for many.

A spokesperson from Chefs Plate said: “Most soup recipes are incredibly easy to prepare and lend themselves to so much creativity. You can customise it with a variety of different ingredients, and it freezes well, so it’s perfect for making big batches and saving some time in the kitchen during a busy week.” 

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