Early Years Conference 2017: Children’s Health, Transition to Transformation

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Govconnect are delighted to announce that our inaugural Early Years: Children’s Health, Transition to Transformation conference will be held on 7 February 2017 at the Royal Society of Medicine, London.

The UK Government is committed to improving the health outcomes of our children and young people so that they become among the best in the world. As part of this vision, the responsibility and funding for commissioning 0–5 children’s public health services transferred from NHS England to local authorities in October 2015.

The transfer of responsibility presented an unprecedented opportunity to transform outcome-based commissioning for children. However, the latest results on the early years profiles show quite clearly that while there is great work occurring across the country there is also much to be improved upon across all localities.

This conference will bring together key stakeholders responsible for children services, early years and public health to consolidate emerging good practice from across geographical and organisational boundaries.

You can register here and to view the agenda, click here

Early Years: Children’s Health, Transition to Transformation will provide plenary and breakout sessions covering issues pertaining to many different aspects of early years public health and children’s services policy. With an emphasis on the commissioning landscape for the health and well-being of children 0–5 years, and the high impact areas.

Source: Govconnect

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