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Dulux Colour of the Year 2024: How to “Embrace” the Versatile Colour in Your Home Interior, According to the Experts

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With searches for “interior trends 2024” up by a staggering 2,500%, James Roberts, director at Sanctuary Bathrooms, and Johanna Constantinou, brand and communications director at Tapi, offer their advice on how to incorporate Dulux’s “Sweet Embrace” into your home.

Complimentary colours

With “Sweet Embrace” being such a muted and earthy shade of pink, it leaves much room for experimentation and exciting colour combinations. Other earthy tones will work nicely with this shade, such as browns, greys, and greens – this will create a grounding and calming space and naturally make any room look slightly larger than if you used bolder colours.

Additionally, because it is a pink tone, other pinks will work well with it, such as powder or baby pink. Experimenting with shades of pink helps achieve a sense of femininity, which can be inviting in a space like the bathroom.

Low-toned pink with bolder colours can create a visually striking and balanced colour palette. Deep greens, navy blues, rich purples or even darker shades of grey can create a contrast and balance when paired with muted pinks.

If you’re hesitant about using bold colours, start incorporating them as accents. This can be through accessories such as pillows, adding vibrancy without overwhelming the overall design.

Maximalists, fear not!

If you prefer a bolder interior, there’s no reason why you can’t use “Sweet Embrace” to enhance a maximalist look. Its pale shade stands out against darker colours, so consider adding it to furnishings such as a wash basin, wall prints, curtains, blinds, and cupboards or vanities. You could also use the colour for tiling inside your shower and use contrasting black, brass, or gold fixtures.

Bold furnishings often stand out best against a contrasting background. If your furnishings are bold and colourful, choose a neutral flooring colour that contrasts them. For example, pair vibrant wall prints with light grey or white flooring. Warmth is still important; you can bring that in with textiles and darker shades.

Use the colour to create a calming sanctuary

In recent years, there’s been much more value placed on how our homes make us feel due to the rise in working from home. Pairing this colour with soft furnishings such as cloud-like cushions, flowers and feathers, and warm lighting creates an ambience and a space you’ll be excited to unwind in.

It works particularly well for bathrooms because this room is one in which you’ll want to decompress and appreciate some time to yourself, so this is a perfect colour to adorn your walls with to make bathing an even more relaxing experience.

To make your home a calming space, incorporate natural materials such as light wood, bamboo or rattan furniture. This will also help prevent the space from feeling overwhelming and balance the pastel pink with neutral colours such as white, cream and beige. These colours will also create a sense of visual harmony and balance.

Play with light to get the most out of the colour

According to Dulux, “Sweet Embrace” takes on different tones in different lights, which means you can be clever with where you use the colour. Positioning it on a wall opposite a window will bring out its soft, calming tone but produce a more moody violet shade in the shadows. This makes it adaptable, depending on the desired tone of the room.

Consider table lamps or pendant lights with a soft diffused light to make your colour work harder. You can also layer your lighting to add depth and versatility. Combine ambient lighting (ceiling lighting) with task lighting (reading lights) to provide different illumination levels and alter the tones.

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