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Duality, Judgement, and Comparison: Here Are a Few Ways to Rewire the Thought Constructs

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Good vs evil, Jesus vs Lucifer, God vs devil, or Heaven, Hell, and Earth. All of these thought constructs will come to build the fortified outlook on the world held by the offspring of the world’s largest religions and teachings passed down. The mind is held to constantly labelling and categorising the environment of the outside world or the feelings felt in experiences to being of good nature vs bad, comfortable vs uncomfortable, desirable vs avoidable.

The mind is on autopilot for judgement, and there are a few areas to look at in your own perceptions of life which will bring about change after you first make the awareness:

  • Bring awareness to when you compare yourself to others
  • Bring awareness to when you compare the present or current experience to how it was in the past
  • Bring awareness to when you judge another’s life or choices in life

Three simple areas of the way you perceive the world which once aware, the conscious part of your mind that desires to no longer live in self-judgement or comparison to others is going to begin alarming you when your thoughts travel towards the direction of any of the three areas. Which it is important to not take as a sign of failure or that you are doing poorly in reversing the thought constructs – rather it is the only opportunity for growth and allows for your recognition to kick in, then you can proceed with your planned path of recovery through contrary action. Or in this case, contrary thought, for example:

First – initial thought

After seeing a post of someone you graduated high school with showing off their newly bought home and family, you find yourself beginning to compare your life to theirs. You begin to think you are behind schedule in life as if there is some sort of measurement system that is ruled by where your past high school classmates are in life today compared to where you are.

Second – contrary thought

You catch yourself as you spin down the thought construct of where you should be in life, vs being present and grateful for where you are. You then re-affirm your present moment with the contrary thought to that of comparison. Which can look something like this, for example, I am exactly where I need to be. I am right on time for my life. Or, something as simple as, I am grateful for the present moment.

The game of life in the experience of duality on school. Earth is filled with lessons that test every fibre of your being, and unfortunately for us, there is no manual which outlines the proper way to pass the course. All that is left for us is the speculations of all the teachings passed down over the centuries and even those are coming from another person’s interpretations.

James Edward Rawson is a mental health advocate.

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