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Drinking Water Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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With the NHS under immense pressure following Covid, Hydrate the Nation is calling on the people of the UK to focus on their hydration to benefit their health and well-being and, more importantly, keep illnesses at bay.

Everyone knows people can’t survive without water, and residents of the UK are lucky enough to have safe drinking water; however, dehydration is a major problem. Our UK population are dehydrated, and findings from the pilot stage in the Summer of 2022, challengers of the Hydrate The Nation Challenge had symptoms which include feeling lethargic, headaches, dizziness, a dry mouth, dark-coloured urine and dry skin.

Hydrate the Nation is a campaign to help people form new habits around drinking water and, from May 2023, is encouraging people to take on the 30–day water challenge in a month which suits them and create new habits to ensure they drink enough water, which without, can be a catalyst to so many health problems.

Hundreds of NHS staff have taken part in the challenge throughout May and June, reported extreme health benefits, and reported some alarming feedback.

Maria Davis, founder of Hydrate the Nation and Student Naturopath Nutritionist, commented: “Drinking lots of water every day is a necessity, and so many of us don’t drink enough. Water is nature’s number one medicine and has a pivotal function in our bodies.

“Water regulates temperature, aids food digestion, transports nutrients around our bodies and removes waste products. We should drink about two litres of water daily and aim to highlight the importance of true cellular hydration. Our cells want to be 75% water and our brain 80–85% for optimum function.

“We have launched Hydrate The Nation to bring wellness into the world, inspire, educate and encourage Great Britain’s people, and create a movement for greater wellness. We encourage individuals and businesses to take on the challenge to help employees create new hydration habits to improve staff well-being.

“This will make a massive difference to individuals and the economy. Our NHS is under a huge strain, and the act of simply hydrating contributes to the prevention of illness and chronic disease.

“Mental health awareness is a huge subject with increasing workplaces supporting staff wellbeing. In many cases, hydration is the answer for individuals reporting stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and menopause symptoms. Productivity in the workplace can also be affected by dehydration. This challenge is for every individual in the world.”

Sally Gunnell, OBE and Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth medallist, backed the campaign and commented: “I am a proud supporter of Hydrate the Nation. In a time when our health has never been so important, there is no simpler way to take care of your physical and mental wellness than hydrating! This campaign is not only for individuals but for our world.”

Sign up for the Hydrate the Nation challenge. You need to be over 18 years of age. The cost is just £5.99, and you will receive a double-sided 30–day Hydrate the Nation Challenge Card to help you form new drinking water habits, keep on track with your progress, and access support videos.

You will also receive motivational messages from one of our supporters, including Olympian champion Sally Gunnell OBE and BBC Mark Radcliffe. Our nutritionists will bring you a wealth of information about hydration.

Hydrate the Nation is an official supporter of WaterAid, and proceeds from people signing up for the Hydrate the Nation challenge will be going to the charity to help the 771 million people worldwide who don’t have access to clean water close to their homes.

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