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Drinking Bodies: Alcohol, Embodiment and Social Difference


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Monday, 22 May 2017, University of Manchester

Keynote: Maria Piacentini, Lancaster University

(Organised by the British Sociological Association Alcohol Study Group)

Call for Papers

The “turn to the body” in the social sciences and humanities offers conceptual and methodological tools for researchers investigating socio-cultural patterns and practices of alcohol consumption. The meanings and consequences of intoxication for different kinds of bodies has been an ongoing source of tension both historically and in contemporary societies. From widespread classed representations of young women’s “binge drinking” in popular media to long-running debates about the effects of intoxication on members of different ethnicities, the body is a key battleground in relation to how the impact of alcohol is imagined and regulated.
This one day conference will bring together academics and researchers working on issues related to alcohol, embodiment and social difference from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives. We welcome papers from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, including but not limited to sociology, history, geography and addiction studies, and from PhD students and early career researchers.


Topics of interest include:
  • The embodied experience, management and regulation of drinking across diverse forms of social difference (e.g. ethnicity, age, gender, class)
  • The representation of intoxication and drunken or addicted bodies in the news media and in popular culture
  • Methodological challenges involved in researching the embodied, sensory nature of drinking
  • The embodied nature of addiction, treatment and recovery
Please send an abstract of no more than 200 words along with a title, your full contact details and institutional affiliation to laura.fenton-2@manchester.ac.uk by 10 February  2017.
Registration: BSA members £35; Non BSA member £40; Concessionary (student) BSA member £25; Concessionary (student) non BSA member £30
We offer five free places to PhD students or early career researchers, which will be offered first to those who have an abstract accepted for the symposium.


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