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Dr Norman Rosenthal to Lead SAD Equinox Seminar

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Leading light therapy companies Lumie and The SAD Lightbox Company are joining forces to host a SAD Equinox Seminar with SAD guru Dr Norman Rosenthal in London on the autumnal equinox on Friday,  22nd September.

The one-day event will be an exclusive opportunity to learn from and interact with Dr Norman Rosenthal, the world-renowned researcher and psychiatrist who first diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and pioneered light therapy to treat it. Dr Rosenthal is also a best-selling author of Winter Blues, Transcendence, The Gift of Adversity and Super Mind.

Dr Rosenthal will present on the latest developments in light therapy for SAD and winter blues as well as on other applications for light therapy. In addition, he will provide an overview on other non-conventional approaches to well-being including Transcendental Meditation and Botox. There will also be a rare opportunity to ask Dr Rosenthal your own questions.

As well as providing valuable information on how to treat SAD, this event also hopes to raise awareness of the condition and the need for information and help to be more readily available to sufferers. Based on an ICM Online Omnibus Survey conducted for Lumie in 2007/8 in which 2,000 people in the UK were polled, it was revealed that up to 24 per cent of us feel the onset of winter blues by September and don’t feel back to normal until April. Of that 24 per cent around 7 per cent of Northern Europeans are so badly affected by SAD that they struggle to function normally.

‘This SAD Seminar – timed to coincide with our autumnal equinox – will offer a masterclass in the treatment of SAD and winter blues. The day will be a unique opportunity to hear about both old and new approaches to treating SAD, as well as give you the chance to get answers to your questions on this common disorder. I’ll also be excited to have the chance to present on other benefits of light therapy.’

The SAD Equinox Seminar will take place at an intimate venue overlooking Russell Square in Central London with limited places. The event is being run in support of SADA, the UK’s only charity to support SAD sufferers.

Full details and tickets are available here.

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