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‘Don’t Jump into Bed!’ Meet the Older Generations Sharing Their First Date Rules for Valentine’s Day 2023

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Love is something most of us look for in our lifetime, and who better to get the ultimate advice when it comes to finding your soul mate than older generations? 

To mark Valentine’s Day 2023 (14th February), care home residents across the UK have come together to share their words of wisdom and “First Date Do’s and Don’ts to Finding Your Perfect Match’” for younger generations across the globe.

Many older adults across our homes have been married for over 50 years and certainly know a thing or two about finding love and the secret to a long-lasting relationship!

With an average age of 90, Lottie’s care home residents share their first-date advice for younger generations

  • “Don’t jump into bed!” shares Ann (91)
  • “Do go for a romantic meal. Don’t bring your parents,” shares Alex (86)
  • “Do only a good night’s kiss,” shares Jean (96)
  • “Always be loyal and faithful to your partner,” shares Stanley (93)
  • “Treat her like a lady,” shares Colin (86)
  • “Chat normally, then dance,” shares Pam (83)
  • “Do make them pay (if they can’t the first time – not worth it),” shares Eileen (95)
  • “Don’t sit in the back row of the cinema,” shares Elizabeth (91)

Residents at Anisha Grange in Billericay, Don and Jean have been married for 72 years and certainly know what it takes to find your perfect match! 

Don and Jean first met at a bank they both worked at in central London, and it wasn’t long before the couple married in 1951. Their first date was at the Palladium in London, and they went to see Danny Kaye.

Don recently turned 100 and shares that the secret to a long-lasting relationship is to “put your phone down and have a chat together”.

Beryl, a resident at Billericay’s Anisha Grange Care Home, met her husband at a dance hall in Liverpool. Beryl shared: “He asked her for a dance, it wasn’t love at first sight, but it developed over time.”

Her husband had a good sense of humour, as most people from Liverpool do and Beryl shares it’s important to “make sure he has a sense of humour”, when picking your future husband.

Beryl, another one of Anisha Grange Care Home’s lovely residents met her husband when she was 13 and he was 15. They were both from Barking and met at their local church youth group. Beryl’s husband used to say that “he saw this girl and he liked the look of her and said she is the one”. 

They got married when Beryl was 22 and her husband 24 in 1957 and were married for almost 60 years. Beryl’s advice to younger generations looking for love is to “take your time and don’t rush”.

Jacqui, a resident at Ty Llandaff Care Home in Cardiff, married her husband Brian in 1965 with a small and intimate wedding ceremony. Brian was a Welsh International Rugby Union player, Jacqui shares they “have been blessed to travel the world together and our favourite place is South Africa”.

Jacqui’s advice for a lasting and loving marriage is “holding hands and making sure that you always have a lovely day”.

Jean, a resident at Brampton Manor Care Home, shares the joy of meeting people ‘out and about’. She “fondly reminisces of the local dances she and her friends attended that was close to the air base during the war, where there were always lots of opportunities to meet new people.”

“From first date etiquette to the secrets to a lasting relationship there are lots we can learn from older generations,” shares Chris Donnelly, co-founder at Lottie.

There’s something so special about hearing about these stories of love in our care homes. Love is something most of us search for in our lifetime. And it’s great to hear the funny, inspiring, and heart-warming tips our residents have for younger generations when it comes to finding your perfect match.

“From friendships, relationships, and companionship there are lots of ways you can spread love this Valentine’s Day to support both your own and the wellbeing of others – especially those more vulnerable,” concluded Donnelly.

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