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Mental Health Experts Claim Our Dogs ‘Make Us Happier’ While Working from Home 

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New research has revealed that our pets help to combat lockdown loneliness and make us more productive while working from home.

The research, which was conducted by Garden Buildings Direct, one of the UK’s leading garden office suppliers, found that having a pet while working from home can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression by making us more active during the pandemic.

After speaking to a number of mental health experts and performance psychologists, Garden Buildings Direct discovered 5 different ways our pooch can contribute to our mental wellbeing while we work remotely.

Key findings

  • Our dogs provide us with a routine
  • Our dogs reduce stress levels and increase empathy
  • Our dogs provide companionship which can combat loneliness
  • Our dogs are great Zoom icebreakers
  • Our dogs improve our physical health while working from home

Dogs instigate healthy routines, having to get up in the morning to feed and then walk them means the day starts when it always used to so it gives us a feeling of stability. The physical exercise element helps us balance our mental well-being and help combat depression. A pet also provides a social connection and helps us to feel less withdrawn, improving mood, lowering cortisol, heart and blood pressure.

The mental health experts further commented on the findings

Shelly Perry, Clinical Director, RMN and Director of Corporate Mental Health and Wellbeing programmes, breathing therapies, commented: ‘Dogs offer a safe space. Many studies have proven how dogs can help their owners feel less depressed, stressed and more empathetic.’

Sean Liddell, MD, Mindful Training, commented: ‘Dogs are especially helpful for remote workers who live on their own, meeting socialising and physical exercise needs.’

Gemma Leigh Roberts, performance psychologist and founder of the Resilience Edge, commented: ‘Research suggests maintaining a routine can be helpful to manage symptoms of stress and anxiety. Being responsible for, and looking after a pet is a great way to implement some routine in life.’

Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo, Horsham Psychology, commented: ‘Having a dependent, such a pet, helps keep priorities and may contribute to more boundaries around our working patterns.’

Charles Walton, founder and CEO at Kybotech – brands include Garden Buildings Direct and soon to launch Ritely Advanced Pet Nutrition – commented: ‘There are many benefits to having a dog in the office, including while many of us continue to work from home. When we have a dog, we factor their schedule into our daily routine. Implementing tasks, such as simply walking the dog, can help increase productivity, as we not only fall into a healthy routine while working from home but learn to take a screen break and step outside which is beneficial for our health and well-being. 

‘Garden Buildings Direct has launched a WFH office log cabin range, the newest addition being the BillyOh Mia, which is perfect for new remote workers looking for a productive WFH office space. We are also launching our new advanced pet nutrition brand Ritely, which aims to cater to your pet’s nutritional needs as we aim to put our unsung heroes of lockdown first with our new healthy dog food range.’

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