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Does Testogen Really Work?

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Testogen contains 11 ingredients that combat low testosterone effects. It is, therefore, one of the compounds considered as a natural booster to war against weight gain and low libido. Testogen enhances production of testosterone. The hormone is secreted in testicles and affects a person’s sexual development, libido, sperm production, and appearance. But the hormone secretion slows down in men as they get older or if they suffer from hypogonadism. Thus, such men and women should use natural boosters to remain sexually active. 

Of course, there are several ways of dealing with low testosterone levels. Some people use dietary supplements to boost testosterone levels, while others resort to Testogen pills. So does Testogen help to boost libido? To answer this question, check out this Testogen review for details.

Testosterone enhances sperm production and plays a vital role in sex drive. Its production increases significantly in puberty and picks at the age of 30. Beyond 30 years of age, the production of testosterone starts to decline. As it declines, it affects the mood and could produce a range of symptoms such as moodiness, feeling depressed, gaining weight, being less energetic, thinner bones, less hair, and low self-esteem. 

Other than age, injury to the testicles and exposure to radiation such as chemotherapy can negatively impact testosterone production. Also, chronic illnesses such as kidney diseases, Aids, liver cirrhosis, and alcoholism can reduce testosterone production. Stress could also affect testosterone production.

Testogen is one of the supplements that boost the production of testosterone. It comes in capsule forms and increases energy levels and libido. Also, using the supplement daily can help to build muscles, beat fatigue and help the body to lose weight. It is also loaded with ingredients that burn and reduce belly fat.

Testogen contains two vital elements: 200 mg magnesium and 2,352 mg of D-aspartic acid. Magnesium boosts exercise performance, lowers blood pressure and fights depression. On the other hand, Testogen contains additive D-aspartic acid, which triggers the pituitary gland to produce luteinizing hormone (LH). The hormone triggers the testes release testosterone hormone.

Also, Testogen contains 40 milligrams of fenugreek extract. The ingredient is extracted from a herb commonly used in Chinese medicine and Indian dishes. It boosts testosterone levels and enhances male sexual function. The extract is good nutrition for breastfeeding babies. 

Other ingredients found in Testogen include zinc, boron, Korean red ginseng extract, vitamin D3, and zinc. It also contains BioPerine, Vitamins K1, and B6.

So does Testogen work?

There is no absolute answer to whether Testogen works or not. However, studies show that it contains fenugreek, a traditional herb that enhances testosterone levels in men.

Are all its ingredients safe?

Unfortunately, some ingredients, such as red ginseng, which is used as an additive, interact poorly with some medications. Therefore, it can harm the body. In addition, the supplement is not FDA approved and the claim that it increases Testosterone levels is not evidence-based. Also, the UK-based manufacturer does not have Better Business Bureau accreditation.

What users say

The supplement has an average 3-star rating on Amazon. One user claims they felt energized after using the supplement for three days. A few more users said they did not feel any change after using the supplement.


  • Contains natural ingredients
  • It comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee
  • The facility in which it is manufactured is FDA approved
  • It’s free from anabolic steroids
  • Dosing is transparent


  • The supply is limited
  • It cannot be taken by anyone diagnosed with prostate or breast cancer.
  • No evidence that it is effective and safe for human use.

Notice that low testosterone is common in men who are advanced in age. Unfortunately, no supplement is recommended for combating the condition. Also, research on available supplements, including Testogen, is ongoing, so it cannot be relied on to reverse the condition. But simple things like exercising daily, shedding belly fat and cutting down on weight are interventions that can help the body produce a substantial amount of testosterone


Testosterone is associated with sex drive in men. However, it also affects mental health, fat storage, production of red cells, and bone and muscle mass. When testosterone levels are high, it can affect the mental and physical health of the patient. Therefore, having it checked and treated early could help reverse the condition. Of course, doctors can recommend treatment therapy. However, some people use supplements such as Testogen to increase their levels.

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