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Does the Rating of a Casino Matter?

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Do casino ratings matter? This guide is going to explain exactly why they do.

When you buy any type of video game or product, you read the reviews first, right? Of course, you do – it’s part of the human psyche! Before trying anything new, humans naturally want to know what’s in store – and casinos are no different. 

Around the world, there are hundreds of casinos to choose from. In Las Vegas alone, there are 60 in the Vegas Strip area. Then there’s the internet, which is home to over 2000 different online casinos – and that’s a lot of choice. 

Luckily, ratings exist so that people can distinguish which casinos are good and which are bad – it’s that simple. Here’s a more detailed look at why ratings matter: 

Gain insight into bonus offers

Firstly, ratings and reviews usually highlight the different bonuses on offer. Just take a look at www.gambleonline.co/en-ca/casino/ as an example of this. 

When you see the bonuses on offer, you can quickly see whether or not the casino cares about its customers. Generally, the better the rewards, the more they care; for example, if you get something like ‘100 free spins on the slots’ just for making an account, that’s pretty good business! 


Casinos require you to play with real money, and when there’s real money involved, you want to know they can be trusted. Ratings automatically let you know how trustworthy a casino is; if a particular casino’s ratings have tanked to two stars or below, then it’s a strong indicator that they can’t be trusted (otherwise, players wouldn’t have given them that rating in the first place). 

On the other hand, if player ratings are overwhelmingly positive, you can relax and make an account, knowing that you’re almost certainly in good hands. 

Global availability

Gambling laws vary from country to country. As a result, this means that specific nations may only have access to certain casinos. 

So, if a particular online casino catches your eye, make sure to check out the ratings and reviews before anything else. Doing this will allow you to understand the global availability of this particular online casino (for instance, if it’s Canada-based, then it might only be accessible to Canadian internet users). 

Game library 

Before joining or visiting any casino, it’s important to know what games are on offer – and the more games, the better. Ratings can help shed light on this; usually, people will give a casino a low rating if the games are poor-quality and low in variety. 

For example, in the modern age, a casino should be offering – at the very minimum – five or more games. Anything below that is going to lead to boredom and a quick exit. 

Deposit methods

Finally, you can use casino ratings to discover what the different deposit methods are. Generally, casinos are expected to offer the following types of deposit methods:

Plus, some casinos are now even accepting Bitcoin, which you’ve probably heard all about on Twitter for the past couple of years! In any case, always go with the deposit method that you’re most familiar and comfortable with. 

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