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Does HBOT Pose Any Dangers to Health?

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One of the most recent trends on Google is “How dangerous is HBOT to one’s health?” Trying to get a trusted answer to the above question can be a bit confusing when you vary information from the different sources online. That is because while a good percentage of publications only report the benefits, some are overtly negative about the therapy and technology.

It is only appropriate that you get a healthy dose of HBOT benefits as well as its potential side effects. Therefore, this post will focus on how HBOT is designed to impact health and any negative effects you should be aware of as a potential investor. 

Potential side effects of HBOT

Every system has its advantages and disadvantages. That is the grand rule for all systems designed under the sun. HBOT chambers are no exception to this design principle.

The primary thing is to ensure that the advantages of a system outweigh its disadvantages. That is what you should be looking at. Otherwise, that system may not be worth the effort.

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Lung damage

This has been highlighted as one of the rarest complications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Only a handful of instances have been recorded to this effect. It was also discovered that 99% of those who had such experiences had underlying health challenges with their lungs. 

That is why potential users are advised to speak with a medical professional before undergoing HBOT. Medical experts are better positioned to advise you on such matters. Moreover, a chat with them will help you discover your lung’s status. 

Fluid buildup

The issue of fluid buildup has also been reported by several users. This is not strange because it is heavily linked to pressure changes inside the system. 

There is a good chance of having your middle ear ruptured when you spend more time inside an HBOT system than you should, according to many self-acclaimed experts. Whether that is true is a story for another day. 

However, such unwanted effects can be avoided by using the system accordingly. According to some manufacturers, like OxyHelp, two hours a day inside the chamber is enough to keep you in good shape. 

Other manufacturers may have slightly different instructions. Just make sure you are using yours in line with existing instructions. 

Impaired vision

Coming out of an HBOT chamber and feeling like your vision has been made worse is a distinct possibility. The increased pressure has a way of altering the shape of the lens of the eye. Although this is usually experienced temporarily, the user’s vision is affected in the short term.

Reducing the pressure inside the system to a value that can be tolerated by your lens can also help. In addition, having a frank conversation with your doctor is equally good. A medical assessment of your eye’s lens will help ascertain if HBOT is good for you or not. 

Oxygen poisoning

There have been warnings from different people regarding oxygen poisoning and HBOT systems. They have blown the oxygen toxicity thing out of proportion. The truth is that you can get oxygen poisoning from inside a hyperbaric chamber. But it is not the way people are speculating. 

Contemporary HBOT chambers are designed with several safety measures in mind. So, even if you mistakenly overshoot your time inside, it does not automatically spell doom for the user.

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Should you be wary of investing in HBOT chambers due to these effects?

We have recognised that some of these side effects are real and should be given due recognition. The more knowledge you have about how these chambers work, the better. And the first thing we need to know about the above side effects is that they are mild. 

Some of the experiences are temporary and do go away after a short while. In worst-case scenarios, the side effects are known to disappear after weeks. 

I do not think that is serious enough to deter anyone from investing in HBOT chambers. Plus, if you use the system exactly as the manufacturers have prescribed, the chances of running into any problems afterwards will be greatly reduced.

Invest in the right unit

Not too many people consider this serious but end up paying the ultimate price for their negligence. Most of the so-called side effects experienced by people today is because they used the wrong system. 

You must buy an HBOT chamber that matches your preferences and meets your needs You can check out some at https://oxyhelp.com/hyperbaric-oxygen-chambers/ . It is wrong to purchase an HBOT chamber simply because others are buying it. Conducting a simple search on several HBOT chamber platforms is all it takes. With that, you can get yourself an HBOT chamber that works. 

Types of HBOT chambers

Hyperbaric chambers exist in different types, and you need to know that. To buy the right product for yourself, you must have a good grasp of the various hyperbaric chambers. 

The difference between having a nice time and coming out dissatisfied inside an HBOT unit could be down to the type of chamber you are using. 

On the OxyHelp platform, you can quickly pore through the various options and see the ones that fit your personality. You can also check other platforms to look for the best chambers. 


HBOT sure has some side effects, but they are not as bad as painted by many publications. And while these side effects exist, they are for only a short period of time. They are temporary because they fade out after a while. You must make sure you are buying the right kind of HBOT chamber. It is also necessary that you use the machine according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you purchase the best HBOT machines and use them accordingly, worrying about side effects will be the last thing on your mind.

David Radar, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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