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Does A10 Have an Air Filter?

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Air filters are one of the main components of Tineco vacuums. It takes the air from the environment and uses a blower for vacuum cleaning. It’s used for dry and wet cleaning purposes. Does Tineco A10 have an Air filter? Yes, it comes with a modern HEPA filter to collect dust and dirt up to 99%.

Are you still confused? Read this guide to learn more about the Tineco HEPA filter, its benefits, and much more.

What type of filter does the Tineco A10 have?

It has a HEPA filter with a dirt and dust collection capability of 99.97%. Make sure to wash it under the tap or freshwater before installation. Don’t forget to dry it completely before installation. 

You can use the filter for a few months, but it’s recommended to replace it after 3 months. Otherwise, it will leave streaks and not clean the debris properly. Therefore, 6 months or 1 year, is the life of HEPA filters nowadays. 

What is a HEPA filter?

The High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is one of the best filters used in Tineco cleaners, including the A10 and Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner. This filter has experimental proof for removing 99.97% of the dust particles, pollen, dust, bacteria, and mould. 

How is it possible? It’s because of its construction. Amazingly, it can pick up particles with a size of 0.3 microns (0.3 micrometres). Surprisingly, its efficiency of 99.97% is in the worst-case scenario. 

Important benefits of HEPA filter

Quality is paramount, and that’s why Tineco, the top cleaner brand, prefers to use it in its latest models. Sometimes, when you see the floor with your naked eye, it looks clean, but that’s not the reality. That’s why HEPA filters help pick up particles that we can’t even see with the naked eye. 

If I talk about the construction, it’s made up of a small thread pattern (1 micron). It’s even 75x smaller than the size of hair and woven in folded shapes. Different layers and constructions do not allow the particles to pass. 

This Shape helps increase efficiency within the designated area. When it fits with the Air Purifier, users get 99.97% efficiency. 

It’s everyone’s top choice because of the following reasons:

  • Prevents asthma and allergies. According to the statistics, most people cause allergies and asthma due to unclean particles and hair (if you have a pet at home). HEPA filter perfectly picks up extremely small sized dust mites, pollen, mould, pet dander, and almost everything and provides a hygienic environment.
  • Prevent infections. The manufacturer has increased the efficiency of this filter to prevent viral infections. The infections might be like Covid and may be caused by small particles, leading to asthma. Asthma is one of the conditions of Covid if it increases. That’s why it helps prevent viral infections.
  • Boosted performance with clean air. The air quality and picking power of dust are the results of its boosted performance. According to the statistics, it reduces the chances of allergies and boosts performance by up to 80%.
  • Indoor air quality. Indoor air quality is very important because the air brings dust particles that may cause many issues in the outdoors. It also degrades the furniture and other products. HEPA filters eliminate all these particles and provide a healthier environment. It also reduces the risks of viral breathing infections and similar health issues due to the quality of the air.


In conclusion, Tineco A10 and all their modern cleaners come with high-quality HEPA filters. Besides proper cleaning, it reduces the chances of infections and ensures a healthy environment. So, whenever you want to buy a vacuum for your home or office, make sure to go with a cleaner with a HEPA filter. 


  • How long does the Tineco air filter last? Such filters have a lifespan of 6–8 months but it also depends on the usage. It’s recommended that the HEPA filter be replaced after 6 months.
  • Can I use anything other than HEPA in my Tineco? All the latest Tineco cleaner models consist of HEPA filters due to longevity and performance. It’s not recommended to use filters other than HEPA, regardless of the model you have.

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