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Doctrin Recruits Dr Helen Davies to Further Develop Its Digital Healthcare Platform for the UK

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Dr Helen Davies has been a GP in the NHS for over 30 years, with many years’ experience as a GP trainer, course organiser, and professional GP appraiser. Her leadership and board level experience includes Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and supporting the development of integrated care at Place level and within the new West Yorkshire & Harrogate Integrated Care System (ICS).

Dr Davies became involved in digital health due to an increasing frustration at the obvious gap between the needs of healthcare and the provision of technical solutions that make a real impact on the experience of professional caregivers and patients alike. At Doctrin, Dr Davies will lead the platform’s development to deliver improved outcomes using the creative redesign of care pathways, intelligent use of digitalisation and data, and strategic workforce planning.

Dr Helen Davies comments: ‘As a GP, I am acutely aware of the need, not to just use technology to digitalise existing processes, but to use it to redesign with intent to improve the way we do things. For example, using technology as an extra access point to an existing pathway under strain without also managing the workload more efficiently, will make the situation worse, and accounts for so many GP digital platforms now being turned off for some or all the time.

‘I am particularly impressed with Doctrin’s patient navigation and communication capabilities that allow more efficient and appropriate case handling within and between organisations. I’m very happy to join such a committed team where there is an emphasis on Doctrin’s driving ambition, to change a billion lives by digitally revolutionising healthcare.’

Although there are clear similarities in the health and care service in Sweden and the UK it is important to be aware of UK differences to ensure alignment of the product to meet the specific current and future needs of the UK health and care system. A part of Helen’s role at Doctrin is to describe the landscape and trajectory of the NHS and to articulate these needs to help align the functionality of the platform and agree and prioritise future product developments.

Craig Oates, Managing Director of Doctrin UK, comments: ‘We are thrilled that Helen has joined the Doctrin team, and she has already made a huge contribution and is proving invaluable to our growth and product development. She brings deep knowledge and experience of healthcare here in the UK, but also a passion for changing how and where healthcare is delivered which is our mission.

‘Her experience in General Practice, clinical commissioning, and as a thought leader in population health is key to helping us ensure Doctrin meets the needs now and in the future for the NHS and the development of integrated care.’

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