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Doctrin Raises €13 Million to Accelerate International Expansion

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Swedish health tech company Doctrin raises €13 million to fuel further expansion. The round is led by existing investors HealthCap, Swedbank Robur, and Capio. Norron Asset Management, with a special focus on investments for a sustainable society, is added as one of the major new investors.

The company is currently active in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Norway, and the UK. This investment means that the company will accelerate its expansion into new markets and continue developing new medical specialities.

Doctrin is one of Sweden’s leading digital solutions for digi-physical healthcare with the primary, specialist, and dental care and insurance customers. Among the customers are several of Sweden’s most well-known and highly specialised care providers, including the Ersta Hospital, the Karolinska Hospital, and Sophiahemmet.

The company is the leading supplier to private primary care providers with Capio, Praktikertjänst, Achima Care, and Familjeläkarna among the customers, which make up more than 50% of the customers’ Swedish private primary care market.

Doctrin offers unique medical content for medical history taking, which is automatically turned into a medical report of such quality that healthcare staff can make medical decisions quickly.

This year Doctrin Network was launched, a new feature that enables advanced collaboration between healthcare units. This enables a seamless patient journey where patients are guided within and have access to the healthcare provider’s entire eco-system, without geographical limitations – a significant step towards Doctrin’s vision of patient-centric healthcare, free from barriers.

During the pandemic year of 2020, the number of consultations increased by as much as 280%, and today more than 2,000,000 patient contacts have been made on the platform.

‘In the past year, we have seen an enormous interest in our solutions. 2020 is the year we had a real breakthrough in specialist care, e.g., paediatric and adolescent medicine and orthopaedics,’ says Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, CEO of Doctrin. ‘Unlike many digital platforms, which primarily offer remote consultations, we focus on solving healthcare’s long-term challenge: the lack of resources. We look forward to taking the next development step expanding into new markets and medical areas.’ 

In 2020 Doctrin continued its international expansion by launching in the UK alongside the Czech Republic and Norway. The company also expanded its operations in Norway by winning the Norwegian Health Directorate’s procurement of triage systems.

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