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Doctor Reveals 10 Surprising Habits That Are Secretly Making You Age Faster

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Aging is inevitable, but did you know that some everyday habits could be speeding up the process without you even realising it? From the way you sleep to your daily diet, these common practices might be adding years to your appearance. Dr Kate Jameson from Youth Lab reveals the ten surprising habits that could be secretly making you age faster and what you can do to turn back the clock.

1. Sleeping on your stomach or side

Think you’re getting beauty sleep? Think again! Sleeping on your stomach or side can cause your face to scrunch against the pillow, leading to permanent sleep lines and wrinkles.

Fix it: Try sleeping on your back to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. Consider investing in a silk pillowcase to reduce friction.

2. Skipping sunscreen on cloudy days

You might think you only need sunscreen on sunny days, but UV rays penetrate clouds and cause skin damage every day.

Fix it: Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen daily, regardless of the weather. Your skin will thank you later!

3. Sipping through a straw

Regularly using straws can cause fine lines around your mouth, similar to the effects of smoking.

Fix it: Drink directly from the cup whenever possible to avoid those pesky lines.

4. Staring at screens all day

Constant exposure to blue light from phones, computers, and tablets can damage your skin and eyes, leading to premature aging.

Fix it: Use blue light filters on your devices and take regular breaks to rest your eyes. Consider blue light-blocking glasses for extra protection.

5. Ignoring neck and hands in your skincare routine

Your neck and hands can show signs of aging just as much as your face, yet they are often neglected.

Fix it: Extend your skincare routine to include your neck and hands. Apply moisturiser and sunscreen to these areas daily.

6. Eating too much sugar

A high-sugar diet can lead to glycation, a process that damages collagen and elastin, causing saggy skin and wrinkles.

Fix it: Cut back on sugary foods and drinks. Opt for natural sweeteners and a balanced diet rich in antioxidants.

7. Not drinking enough water

Dehydration can make your skin look dull and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

Fix it: Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

8. Neglecting dental hygiene

Poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease and tooth loss, which can make your face appear sunken and older.

Fix it: Brush and floss daily and visit your dentist regularly to maintain a healthy, youthful smile.

9. Using hot water on your skin

Hot showers and washing your face with hot water can strip your skin of natural oils, leading to dryness and premature aging.

Fix it: Use lukewarm water to wash your face and shower. Finish with a cold rinse to close pores and boost circulation.

10. Stress and neglecting self-care

Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your body and mind, causing you to age faster.

Fix it: Practise stress-relief techniques such as meditation, yoga, or simply taking time out for yourself. Prioritise self-care to maintain a youthful, vibrant appearance.

Dr Kate Jameson from Youth Lab says: By becoming aware of these surprising habits and making simple changes, you can significantly slow down the aging process and maintain a youthful appearance. Don’t let these sneaky age-accelerators catch you off guard. Start making positive changes today and watch the years melt away!

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