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Do We Truly Know God or Not?

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Natural and supernatural life exists in the world. Those individuals do not trust God and treasure their thoughtful powers as their lord or saviour. But many do trust. It isn’t easy to distinguish these two types of people.

People live in a false belief system where humanity lies in the question of whether we truly know God or not. If the tree is given enough time, will the tree bear fruit or not. The truth here is plain to answer. Two kinds of people populate our world: those who know God and those who do not.

Is it easy not to love?

Loving the enemies and praying for them is startling. Loving those who love you gives you rewards. Is it done even by the tax collectors? What reward do you have if you love those who love you? And if you greet your loved ones, is it reciprocated the same way? God asks His people to love and greet others beyond what is natural. Patient love is the heavenly reward. Enemy love is what God shows the world that we are His children. Loving the enemies earns heavenly sponsorship.

Is it easy not to pray?

Do not heap up empty phrases. We need to secure or earn God’s attention through pious phrases and good deeds. God knows what you need before asking Him, which means we do not need to flag Him down with fancy words or empty phrases.

People pray differently and speculate about God by having an illusion of knowing him through imagination or conjecture.

Is it easy not to fear?

Everyday fears and anxieties of life in the world are what will eat you completely. So, God tells what consumes the natural mind beyond the basics of human existence, especially when food, drinks and clothing become scarce.

However, if we know God, we know how he cares for his creatures and His image-bearers. See how the birds are being fed and how lilies are clothed. We are of more value to our God than many birds and countless lilies. So, don’t be anxious. Seek the first kingdom of God fearlessly.

Is it easy not to lead?

God says it is worthless to decide who sits to the right or the left in the kingdom. Leadership is a personal privileged assumption. It shall not exist. Instead, whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be the first among you must be your slave. God cuts a new path and summons each one to follow without leadership.

Easy for the believers

God calls his people blessed individuals from the patterns of the world. He loves unconditionally with grace even with His enemies existing. He listens to our prayers and knows and cares for our every need.

There is great hope for believers. God loves to redeem the ways we fail to love, pray or live and lead. God isn’t surprised that we need deep retraining, yet knowing Him makes all the big difference at every point in our journey to glory.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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