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From Crisis to Confidence – Divorce Coach Launches Book to Help Those Suffering from Sudden Separation

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When Claire Black’s marriage ended very suddenly in 2008, it felt like the end of the world. Shocked and betrayed, she felt afraid, overwhelmed and confused.

Claire struggled to find clear guidance on how best to move forward. She knew that she didn’t want her divorce to define her, and she wanted to do more than just survive. She wanted to take back her power, redefine who she was and create a life in which she and her young children could flourish.

‘It is my experience of separation and divorce that has driven me to help others going through this experience. When I look back on my experience now, I feel immensely proud of how I behaved, and how I turned things around for myself. I am here to show you that you too can do this, so that when you look back in 5 or 10 years’ time, you too can feel proud of how you handled your break-up or divorce.’

Empathetic and packed with easy-to-use strategies, this book is an essential guide for anyone facing a sudden separation. It will help you manage your emotions, take back control over your life, make empowered choices and, when you are ready, create the blueprint you need for your new and vibrant life.

Break-up: From Crisis to Confidence talks about how to recover from a sudden break-up or divorce, and create your vibrant new life. 

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